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WELE 1380 Radion Station / Travel Plans ignored, not processed by WELE.

1 FL, United States Review updated:

This company, run by Doug Wilhite, has sold thousands of vacations, travel, etc. and probably has not booked 25% of them. I have three friends along with my own experiences, and we are no longer able to complete bookings, communications (with some positive goals) and problems with third party companies. Mr. Wilhite sells and promises many "wonderful, outstanding, unbelievable and stupendous" bargain vacations, but he can not and does not complete his promises - other than sometimes a refund if made within 30 days. Most vacations require a 60 - 70 day advance notice and you don't hear anything until possibly 40 - 50 days - if you are lucky! Thus, no refund is possible. Now we are hearing that he is "broke" and cannot even refund unsatisfied customers until he receives enough sales. 40 people have already complained to the local police department and a large number to the BBS and Dept. of Argriculture - where he sh0uld have been bonded, although somehow he was able to avoid that $10, 000-25, 000 bond payment??? This man has to be investigated, and then perhaps some might received their due cash returns. We are presently inquiring about legal action to recover fund many in this area have lost. Would you like to join? I am out more than $3, 000 and several others here have also lost close to that amount. Feel free to email me or respond if you are interested! Thanks.

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  • Kp
      22nd of Dec, 2008
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    Police: Radio station didn't commit fraud

    WELE-AM listeners say they didn't receive vacations

    Staff Writer of The News Journal

    There is no evidence that management at WELE-AM radio in Ormond Beach did anything criminal when it failed to return money to listeners who purchased tickets from a now-defunct show that touted travel specials, police said Tuesday.

    Ormond Beach police investigators reached that conclusion after looking into allegations of fraud from at least three listeners of the radio station who said they had been cheated out of money they paid for travel tickets they never received, said police spokesman Sgt. Kenny Hayes.

    "We saw no criminal intent on the part of the owner of the radio station, " Hayes said Tuesday.

    Police said listeners who have not received refunds for their tickets could try to pursue the matter in civil court.

    In a letter to customers and on a recorded telephone message, station owner Doug Wilhite announced late last month that the Premier Travel Show -- which offered travel packages at lower rates -- was going off the air. Wilhite said he and his family were strapped for cash and inundated in debt and did not know whether WELE would continue operating.

    Earlier this month, though, Wilhite said he intended to make good on all the outstanding vacation certificates that were bought through the travel show. The station has been back in operation for a few weeks.

    "For criminal charges to apply, police would have to prove that agents of the radio station knowingly sold packages that were worthless or knowingly misrepresented the packages which resulted in monetary gain to the business, " Hayes explained this afternoon, and there was no proof of that.

    "On the contrary, police determined that the radio station did, in fact, have business relationships with companies providing vacation accommodations or travel services, " Hayes said.

    Mary Rhoads of Palm Coast, who had been unable to take a trip that she paid $561 for, said she was able to get a refund from her credit-card company. She is among those who reported the problem to Ormond Beach police.

  • Mi
      10th of Jan, 2009
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    We were "duped" by them as well. If you have any information on getting a refund we would like to know. We are out $158.50 and just want our money back. We too thought it was legit, but found out it was not. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ly
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    I was a happy client for a few years and now have tried to book things, for OVER A YEAR! They keep putting me off, then tell me I have to exchange a trip for something I don't want, etc. because more than 30 days went by! I tried booking these items for months! Of course it is over 30 days now because they keep blowing me off! Most of these are direct trades and after calling a few of the companies, they never even had a deal with WELE in the first place! I am SO disappointed! I am out over $1, 500 and I guess have to file in small claims court - which will cost me another $200! If anyone is in a lawsuit with them, I have all of my emails for over a year, my research on things that they sold that they never had a deal with the hotels, etc. I WOULD LOVE TO JOIN YOUR LAW SUIT and I think I can assist you in your cause as well !!!

  • Me
      8th of Feb, 2009
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    It is now February 7, 2009 and nothing has changed. I contacted Doug directly as he is the ONLY one who EVER responds and asked that a Sarasota hotel my friend gave me be processed since NOVEMBER of 2008. They contacted me and told me I hadn't given enough notice for a January requested trip! In addition, Howard Johnson's in Kissimmee, apparently is no longer doing business with them and I have yet to receive my cash credit.

    There goes another story. The cash credit is only worth 50% of what it originally was when trying to purchase something advertised. It would be nice to even get the credit but NO ONE ever responds to numerous e-mails or faxes. The phone continues to go unanswered. When I asked about Gatlinburg that I had, I was told they hadn't returned the call though I heard them selling more Gatlinburg during the Premier travel show.

    Doug has once answered my e-mail as did the office, but office "stop ins" are futile.

    Doug has a decent heart and cares about the community. I don't know what it will take to turn the situation around, but so far I'm not impressed with their efforts. It seems they are deliberately snubbing prior customers who are not bring in current dollars. Doug, do something please.

  • Je
      12th of Apr, 2009
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    I also have been trying now to book my Hawaian Inn vacation only spent $120.00 but am getting a major run around. They alos did not send me everything that was promised.Not fare they should just book it and than they would have not had to deal with a refund. I have contacted visa and they are looking into charging this charge back for me.

  • Ca
      9th of May, 2009
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    Hi, I just wanted to give WELE a chance because I’ve done so many positive transactions with them. However, I purchased a St. Augustine Trolley Tour for April and it has NOT arrived. I have emailed them at their new free email account and they did not respond. I'm very disappointed. They have also been giving away (not selling) cards with which you can earn money if you just pay gas at a certain station. These fraudulent cards are known to be bogus and yet WELE claims to give the offer away which decreases their chance of ever becoming credible again.

  • Dc
      15th of May, 2009
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    I was ripped of for $180.00 from this so called great deal. After I received my 'childlike' copies of a resort, I had to send in another $50.00 to book a vacation. (Never told about tho!) A month later, I received my reservations back stating 'these dates won't work, send in another choice of dates'. This went on & on & on for 7 months!! They NEVER accepted my reservations from WELE radio, consequently, it was 7 months later, I was out $180.00 from Mr. Wilhite & $50.00 from some rip off booking agent in Miami & WELE would NOT do any thing since it was over 30 days. (I also was out the vacation time) To me, that is 'intent'. Mr. Wilhite knows what is going on, he's no dummy. First, I was embarresed over getting ripped off, & now, after I see I was not alone, I think the crooks at WELE radio should be behind bars where they belong!!! If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!!

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