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Wel companys (trucking) / lied on my DAC report

1 De Pere, WI, United States Review updated:

after two months over the road without 1 day off, they refused to let me go home for thanksgiving, so i drove the truck and load to their yard, went in and quit. a week later they put on my DAC report that I abandon'd my load, and imbezald company funds. Out rite lies. If this is how they treat a driver that never took a day off, what do you think they will do to you?

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      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    i had to sue them for the same reason. i advice, NEVER WORK FOR THEM. they treat employees like dirt. you have to check your settlement each week with a microscope. and when you leave, they will slander you with lies on your dac.

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      21st of Sep, 2009
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    they should get rid of the fat little guy Dan their. he's the one making all these false dac reports. dac don't care about anyone, they put down whatever a company says, no proof required, and you have to take them to court to get it removed. their another criminal organization. So many jerks out their.

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      17th of Mar, 2015
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    Wel just another job, they try to put so much into there freight they forget all about there drivers.your just a number trust me ive been will sit for days or get a LTL run that doesnt pay anything for you lease drivers out will never pay that truck i give this company D-

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      7th of Apr, 2016
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    Does anyone really want to know about WEL COMPANIES. Lets not listen to all the people that say awesome company and they care about drivers and so many miles you cant handle it. Truth of matter is DM are useless use people net and get no reply. Try and call driver manager and get ignored or best yet told you call to much. Get told if you run short miles and they will give you lost miles pay extra and then when you get pay and it not there they avoid you and when you do talk to someone they say we working on it and they blow you off. Miles are so bad that you will average 1700 a week but if you do WEL math you average 2500 a week the paycheck and math don't add up. If you complain they ignore you if you complain louder they never answer calls if they see your number. There are so many hoops to jump through for everything from detention pay to layover pay to no miles and excuse after excuse from freight is slow to your in wrong area to we will send you a preplan at 4pm on Friday and then everyone goes home and your screwed. 3 years of this and it not better. So the drivers that say they love it her ask who they sleeping with or who's ### they kiss daily. Don't ever speak your mind as you will go hungry and have no paycheck try driving for 11.00 in a week take home STOP THE LIES WEL IS BAD since Randy died and Bruce stepped down and new management is only worried about bonuses and profits not if the drivers are taken care of. Yea get new trucks and trailers and make everything look wonderful and realize underneath the fake pictures is a real mess and nobody cares. Apply for detention pay and told you didn't qualify for it when you know you did and the company pockets every dime. Sit at customer for 8 hours and dispatch tell you we will try and get you out of there and you sit and sit and sit. If you enjoy lies and watch all the new people get miles and treated fair and the old driver screwed then drive here. Don't ever call payroll department and need help cause all you will here is you got this advance and that advance and when you look at miles and say then if I don't advance money how do I eat and survive and they tell you budget your money. What money 11.00 one week and then no check for 3 weeks and then 220.00 next week but bills are so behind you cant get out of debt. Stand up for yourself and they will show you who the boss is. If you a driver who cant speak up and stand for your rights and tell them you wont use me for your bs games then please drive here. If you cant stand by as you get screwed an lied to daily and listen to all the people say this company is so great and good and nothing could be better and they care about you as a driver and your driver manager is there to help you and you know the truth walk no better yet run away from here so fast. Just look at the office people how many are related to each other the answer is a lot. How many driver managers sleep with drivers a lot. Who get best loads and mile the pets the kiss ### and one who say yes to everyone and are blind to reality and to stupid to know the truth. Are we sheep here or real people most are sheep and being lead around by the nose and to blind to see truth or don't want to see it.

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