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The ad on craigslist only says it needs study participants over 18 and over 100 pounds and will give you $1200 compensation. The email response says you need to go to a web site to have Acai berry supplements mailed to you, that you need to take them for 2 weeks, mail pictures of yourself during the 2 week trial and after the 2 weeks you will be mailed the $1200. It says that you need to give your credit card information when ordering the acai berry supplements but it is a free trial. It says your credit card information is needed to "verify" your age. I didn't even download the form. I can tell this is a total SCAM and have read of similar situations from other states. Don't fall for it.


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      Aug 17, 2009

    I am being ripped off the same way.
    I was shocked to find 3 bottles in the post I did not order.
    I have lodged a complaint form with Visa who do have the ability to claw back your money if your complaint is valid. You may like to know that people such as GHS have to deposit a very large bond with Visa to use their services as this protects the Visa customers such as myself. Visa don't like to have scammers using their services to rip people off as well.
    If enough people complain they can stop them using Visa for these rip off tactics.
    Visa are also issuing me a new card with new numbers so these blood suckers can't keep sending me their stuff forever...

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