Wei Trading Inc. (W&J Trading) / multiple defective products

1 6903 18th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11204, Brooklyn, NY, United States

This store continuously sells defective electronic accessories and refuses to give refund or exchanges even when multiple defective products are returned within few days in a respectful. (It's highly suspicious when more than one product was so defective as to be unusable.) The store owners are remorselessly rude and even blames the customer for their own defective products!! Even if the products seem ok at the store, don't be surprised that they'll break very quickly after you leave the store. I tried to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but the store isn't listed, wouldn't be surprised if the store isn't officially registered with the government (The store owners' seemed nervous when I asked for the store's official business address / contact info). I would never buy anything from this place ever again!

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