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This is probably the worst customer service I've ever had.

One week ago Wehustle posted a picture of a Camo printed Pablo jacket which a woman was wearing on their Instagram. The description underneath the picture said "coming later this week". I was really hooked on this jacket so I was super excited to get it until the week was gone and it was Sunday. I commented underneath the picture saying "Still waiting for this" since the week was coming to an end, they commented me back "sorry it'll be up after the bank holiday's on Wednesday". I wrote back "okay cool, thank u" even though I thought it was annoying it wasn't up as said it would be, anywaaays...

Today (Wednesday) the jacket was supposed to come out at 8 pm, UK time but when I got on the site they had only released ONE jacket in size L which was not the jacket I had commented on or wanted, it was another Camo jacket with the same print that they had also posted a picture of but on a male model on their instagram. I was very disappointed since I had waited for this jacket to be released so I wrote a comment on the Instagram picture of the male model wearing the other jacket and said:

Me: "U said u would release the woman's jacket today"
Them: "All the jackets are men's jackets, the one the woman is wearing is a size XL" (something like that)
Me: "Nahhh the pockets on the men's is on the top, on women's it's at the bottom, it's two different Camo prints and different colors (Yes I misunderstood their comment but this was not my point, my point was that they told me that the jacket the woman was wearing in the picture was going to come out today, Wednesday after it had already been delayed)
Them: "We didn't say it was the same jacket we said that they were all men's jackets."
Me: "Still u said the jacket the woman was wearing was going to come out today. Whatever man"

Then I logged off Instagram for 5 minutes and when I came back to check their answer (I was expecting at least an apology) THEY HAD BLOCKED ME FROM THEIR INSTAGRAM. How immature is that not to talk about the bad customer service!

I've spend so much money on their website and this is the thanks because I'm calling them out on bad product information?! Im defiently not spending anymore after this experience.

I've been working in retail for 4 years myself and something you always got to remember is that your customers are the ones that's giving you that paycheck every month. If the webshop didn't have any customers you wouldn't get paid honey.

In the words of Kanye: "My fifteen seconds up, but I got more to say. That’s enough Mr. West, please no more today."

Aug 31, 2016

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