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I recently placed an order on I am still waiting for my order. Its only been about 10 days since i ordered. Im starting to sketch out if this website is a scam or not. I have emailed them, but so far no reply and i also called the number that was on the website, but no answer. Is this website a scam? What kind of business doesn't pick up or reply to emails. I wanted to ask for the tacking number for my order. I was never given a tracking number. I don't even know if this online website is real or not. Can anyone from the UK let me know if this place even exists?

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    I was sketched out at first about this website. It is not a scam and i got my package right on time. I was a little worried because all of the other reviews i read about it and the fact that i couldn't get through with the phone. They eventually emailed me back, which still took them a few days but overall i got my package. So i'm happy that i didn't get scammed and actually received it.

Dec 19, 2014

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