weed trimmer / why bother buying a good name brand they dont cover their merchandise

1 Lakewood, United States

Why sears do not cover there merchandise? The reason I purchased a name brand weed eater from sears it was a craftsman product. Which I was told craftsman products were covered if product did not work. Well did you know that the main store does not cover the small town stores? I went to Springville New York store because my local store was out of stock on the sale item that I wanted so I made the trip to Springville to purchase the weed eater. Now have a problem with it not turning on will work if you hammer on the battery pack for a couple minutes then shuts off. So as a good customer I took it to my local sears store for help and do you know that they say that Springville is a hometown store and they will do not cover hometown stores products. Did any one else know that if you purchase from a smaller sears your product is not covered? I thought if it was a sears product that they would cover there merchandise at any store? well that is not true so if you purchase merchandise from sears don't ever move or purchase anything from while you are out of town, may not be covered. I will not longer be needing my credit card for sears because they will never get another dollar from me, The loss of a good customer since all my appliances air conditioners dehumidifier were all purchased from sears.

May 19, 2015

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