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Weddings by Cathleen, LLC / wedding coordination

1 35315 Baywinds LaneMillsboro, DE, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 302-947-2085

We do not recommend anyone to get wedding services from Cathleen Logue (Shriner). We had such a horrible experience. She was uninvolved, unprofessional and not personable.

I wanted to order flowers for my parents and his parents to honor them (boutinneires and corsages) so I called Cathleen to get them ordered. We were very hurt by the fact that she told me on the phone, "I strongely don't recommend getting flowers [boutinnieres and corsages] for the parents and grandparents" and "had it been an expensive yacht party, I would have recommended it." That comment was unsolicited and very unprofessional. That went over the line. I took it as an insult. I found nothing wrong to honor my parents and his parents who have raised us all these years. Without them, we would not be here. That comment insinuated that our wedding meant nothing and it was not "worthy" to have flowers for the parents. It didn't matter what type of wedding we were having, we were entitled to honor our parents regardless.

There was also lack of involvement and we paid her a lot of money. She didn't come out to help us arrange the tables and set up things on the day of our wedding and she did not call me on the day of wedding to ask if I needed anything and how was everything going. I went out of my way to call her and when I did call her, there was not any enthusiasm in her voice. It's my wedding day and I would imagine the wedding coordinator/minister would be excited.

There was also lack of guidance. There wasn't a checklist for when things were to be accomplished (i.e., a timeline). My family and friends chipped in to help us along the way. Diane, the owner of the reception site, personally sat down with us on Saturday the day before the wedding to offer guidance even though she did not have the time to do so and it was not her job. I had no idea we needed a cake topper and a cake knife/server (that it was not offered by the caterer, I just assumed it was since Cathleen never mentioned to me to get those supplies). These things don't come to me naturally because I've never had a wedding before and that's a reason to hire a wedding coordinator so that I can have guidance. I was so busy doing ten thousands things at once that I totally forgot the most important thing. I was so lost and overwhelmed and was so stressed out on the day of the wedding. My husband, Diane and her staff and myself spent a good half of the day getting everything ready which was really her job!

There was lack of communication. I had to email her to find things out. I had to communicate with Diane even though I wasn't supposed to. It was her job to communicate with everyone (vendors). I was shocked when she asked me when Meredith Wade would be coming out to take pictures- I thought that her your job to coordinate everything. Instead, I felt that every responsibilty was dumped on me. I was completely overwhelmed and really didn't want to have the wedding at that point.

Cathleen was extremely unprofessional. Some examples include:

1) She asked me what was on the menu because she had forgotten.

2) She did not recognize me and my husband when she walked into cottage and she made the comment, "I thought you were blonde" and "I am getting you mixed up with my other brides".

3) She walked into the cottage while I was getting my hair and make up done and asked "why is everything not set up" and why is nobody there to move the chairs over to the tables after the ceremony- that is her job to coordinate and to communicate with Diane, not ours and dumping that responsibility on both of us was just too much for me to handle at that point.

4) My husband called to ask how to decorate the banister/railing and she just told him "I don't recommend you doing it" (we have every right to decorate the place).

5) She arranged the rehearsal time on the day of the wedding at 4:30 pm right when the vendors were coming in and did not change the time until I reiterated to her that I felt that would cause us to rush and avoid the guests coming in at 5:00 pm.

6) She yelled at us for not being present for the rehearsal on time under unforseen circumstances (the driver of the taxi got lost and my maid of honor and best man had no control over that); instead the girl who did my makeup and hair offered to get on the phone and help the driver get to the farm; I would have appreciated it she had gotten on the phone with the taxi cab driver and offered directions rather than yelling at all of us.

7) She never came up to see me prior to the ceremony to make sure I understood what I was supposed to do since I missed rehearsal; my bridesmaid had to go get her.

She has not called me during the whole month of August (our wedding was on August 31, 2008).
I couldn't tell if she treated me that way because I was Asian and she didn't think I would speak up for myself. I couldn't imagine her business going well if she has treated other brides the same way.

Regardless of why she treated me the way she did, I felt ignored and not important whatsoever. I can only have a wedding once and that was my only day. Had it not been for my family, friends and strangers who came out to help us set up for the day, we would not have the day I had dreamed of. It was as if God sent people out there to help us pull everything together and I am thankful for that.

Joyce Getz

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  • Ja
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    This company did our wedding. We had 150 people there. Not only did she perform a beautiful ceremony she handled every detail for us since we were from out of town. From the cake, photographer, rental company and music, it was all perfect. She was always available by email and phone. We worked with her for six months and never once was she unprofessional or uninvolved. She even made sure the hotel where spent our wedding night had champagne and strawberries waiting for us. She was a joy to work with and this complaint does not make sense to us. Before assuming what has been written you should meet her and see for yourself! We are having her do our christening of our child because she was so wonderful!!

  • Jo
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    Cathleen did well for your wedding but NOT mine. You have no right to tell me that I was wrong. It was NOT your wedding. She may have treated you with courtesy and professionalism but I did not get the same treatment. Before you send me a nasty email, you should reconsider how inappropriate your actions are.

  • Jo
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. It will be remembered for the rest of our lives. I certainly did not appreciate getting this email from Cathleen Logue Shriner. This is not how anyone should be treated. I have every right to post my experience online and it's not fair for me to take it down because she would like me to take it down. Plus, this is not how anyone would operate their business-extremely unprofessional on her part:

    E-Mail from "Cathleen" to "Joyce Getz" (
    Fri, 07 Nov 2008 10:02:46 -0600
    Dear Joyce,

    I am sorry that you feel that you were not treated professionally. I would really like to try and work this out. I have never had an unhappy bride before. I would request that we try and come to an agreement and then ask that you remove the post.

    Thank you,

  • Ti
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    I have been a bridesmaid in quite a few weddings and I have NEVER witnessed the types of things that Joyce experienced with Weddings by Cathleen. She was not at all attentive to the needs of the bride or the
    bridal party. She did more to add stress on the day of the wedding than to allievate the anxiety of the bride and groom (i.e. the taxi getting lost- read above complaint). We had rehearsal a half and hour before the wedding started, she did not go upstairs to reveiw anything we rehearsed with Joyce prior to the wedding, and when I asked Cathleen could she come
    upstairs to check on Joyce because she was nervous about messing up her vows in front of the all their guest; Cathleen initially blew off the request and told Joyce (an anxious bride) she would be fine. It
    was only after my second attempt to restate to Cathleen that Joyce really needed her to slow the vows down and only give her small portions of the vows to repeat that Cathleen somewhat tuned into the bride's needs for a few seconds. I felt that Cathleen's behavior was unprofessional and that she
    threw a lot of last minute mishaps onto Joyce (moving of chairs after the ceremony, where the toast would occur, what they were serving, and how the
    DJ should annouce their names at the beginning of the reception) when it should have been her job to handel those problems on the day of the
    wedding and discuss all the things she needed to know prior to the day of the wedding. Maybe if she had shown up at the venue earlier in the day like Joyce and Jason had asked she could have got all that settled before Joyce was getting her hair and makeup done. Unfortunately, the worst part of all this though is that for the past two months instead of trying to make things right with Joyce, like she states she wants to do now, Cathleen did everything in her power (including lying about Joyce being her client) to prohibit Joyce from voicing her complaints. Joyce deserves to receive the help she paid for, and all I can say to Weddings by Cathleen is, "Cathleen, if you can not handel the needs of many brides /weddings at
    a peak time of year like the summer then don't accept the money. "

  • Mi
      19th of Oct, 2012
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    What a terrible woman. After reading this, I would never get her to do my upcoming wedding. It really sounds like she is just flat out racist. Especially after reading the comment that obviously came from a friend of the wedding coordinator.Why in hell would someone choose to let her ruin their special day just in case she chooses to behave badly that day. It shows she's inconsistent, which in some ways is worse than just being bad on purpose. At least then she would be capable of choosing when she actually wants to take care of someone. I'm Asian and Im so glad to have read this first, before I possibly made the mistake of hiring this Nazi. ~ Michael,

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