Wedding photosLate to the wedding and disappointing service

I would not recommend Devin D Photography. My husband and I chose our wedding venue based on the beautiful garden area. I stressed the importance of pre-ceremony, outdoor pictures to Mr. Dymkowski. He was late on the wedding day and when he arrived (appearing rushed and disorganized, in my opinion), he simply planned to cut the groom's party from the pre-ceremony session. This was not an option, due to daylight restrictions, and I insisted that we try to fit it all in.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Edmond, OK As a result, we missed out on many of the pre-ceremony pictures. Our later interactions with him were frustrating. I found his demeanor to be unapologetic. He provided multiple excuses, all of which were his personal matters that my husband and I had no control over. Our contract calls for him to perform with "punctuality" and "per the client's specific instruction"; however, this was not the case. In my opinion, a bride and groom would be wise to forego hiring this photographer in lieu of a professional, experienced photographer.

Feb 16, 2015

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