webustnuts Shawn Spiers / False claim

1 12514 STILL HARBOUR DRIVE, Houston, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 281-460-2939

We received a claim through ebay for a complete gasket that we had listed on ebay for $892.00 from the user name: webustnuts
we researched all our ebay sales and this user name had never purchased this complete gasket from us.
In his claim he had the picture of the complete gasket that matched our picture,
he had the ebay description that exactly matched our description, but he had never purchased it from us.
It would be an error on his part but the page we received from him has all of our details and his claim that he never received it.
Through the internet we were able to get this information from his user name:
User ID Effective Date End Date
webustnuts Feb-25-06 Present
casingcrew Jan-03-05 Feb-25-06
webustnuts Jul-16-04 Jan-03-05
chazz2705 Oct-03-02 Jul-16-04
shaunspiers shaun spiers Nov-24-01 Oct-03-02
Mr. Shaun Spiers,
We are doing some more research on this person and it looks like he has several business names
and different addresses that he uses, we will post this information as soon as possible.
If it turns out that he filed this claim in an honest error we will also post that as soon
as he gives us a reasonable explanation.

Jan 12, 2015

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