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WebTechstratagies / Deceptive & Criminal Business Practices

1 1717 W. Northern Ave. Suite 203Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888-932-0641

I was contacted by Freedom on Line, which has now closed its doors and moved down the street a few blocks and opened again under the name of Americas Web Mall. Freedom sold me three web sites for 299.00. I was then contacted by Web Tech Strategies, a marketing site for Freedom and now Americas Web Mall. The first question I was asked was "how much do I have for marketing" My answer was not much. I was asked how much credit I had on my credit card. I answered I have good credit. After checking out my credit I was told that to get the return I needed and for instant results I would need $40, 000.00. All sorts of promises were made and I was garunteed that I would have money within just a few days and not to worry about my credit card payment, that by the time my next statement was received I would have the money to pay for it. Of course I got the plead that goes "give me one percent of your trust and I will earn the other 99 %. To make things short, I have never received anything from this company and when ever I have tried to get information from them I have been told I don't have the right to that information. Recently I did talk to a person at this fraud company and was told that I may not see any return for up to four years. This is totally the opposite to all that they told and promised me. In fact they can't even prove to me that I have Web Sites out their being marketed by them and refuse to do so. I have had people try to find my web sites and are not able to do so. Yet the company tells me that since Aug. 3, 2009 I have had 15 Million visitors to my sites and not one sale. This Marketing Site is a complete SCAM. This company and many others are why the State of Arizona is fast becoming known as the Scamm Capitol of the USA. I would advise that you save yourself a lot of financial ruin and heart ache should these companies call you just hang up and put your trust in something solid. I would like to find others that have had complaints with this company

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  • Zo
      30th of Mar, 2010
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    Oh no! I just paid America's Web Malls $400 for the 3 sites! And then Web Tech Strategies called me asking for $7000 but luckily I didn't pay them anything. How do I get my $400 back from America's Web Malls? I doubt they'll just hand it over.


  • Ja
      1st of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Steph, America's Web Mall was Freedom on line, They closed their doors and moved two blocks down the street and open again under the name of America's Web Mall. They both use WebTech for their advertising. WebTech is a complete fraud and they took me for much more than what you spent for the so called websites from them. Your best decision not to go with WebTech was a very good decision. Watch out also for National Opportunities and their Marketing called World Wide Marketing. These companies are also Fraudulent companies. To prevent further scams never say yes to anyone that wants money up front. Never agree to anything that is not in writting this includes any promises they make you. What they tell you over the phone needs to be put in writting to the very detail. Never give your personal information out to anyone. Your bank will tell you that if you give them your credit card # The company is not a fraud, (HOG WASH) If you get nothing for your money as you were promised then it is a fraud. You may want to go into Blacks Law Dictionary on the internet and look up fraud, scam, and extortion. You will aslso want to either record everything that is said and keep a written log of the date, the time, and the name of the person you talked to. Do this with every call you get. Its a pain, but it is a necessary pain. The scams are only going to get worse, the laws out there will not protect you.

  • Kn
      13th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    As an ex Employee with Webtech, I know they have taken in over 3 million dollars from people for scam advertising in the last 2 years (Some Agency should start taking notice)...It is only a matter of time before the Postal Authorities raid them, If you have been taken keep calling the Atty General of Az every day YOU will feel better in the end

  • Hi
      15th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am one who they got.. and they got me hard. I am too embarrassed to even tell you how much Webtech Strategies got me for. But I will say it is a scam, big time so please do not jump in bed with these slick talking greedy SOB’s. Yep I even bought the sites from Freedom online whose number has been disconnected. I hope they get caught soon before taking advantage of some one else.

  • An
      13th of Aug, 2010
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    I was a very reluctant customer and therefore only paid $200 for my 3 websites. Then I gave Webtech Strategies my Credit Card and info to be set up for their $2, 000 six-month plan with 120, 000 people viewing my website, for which I was told the average persone would see a return of $1, 500-$2, 000/month. They said the companies pay out quarterly.

    Well, I looked them up and before I faxed them my signature I pulled out of the deal because I saw some people had written that they didn't get their money. They called me back explaining that they have a return customer rating of 70% and that was proof that people were making money. They said some people's stats don't work out and they lose, but most people are bringing money in. They offered me a new deal: $1250 for six months and 160, 000 visitors to my website. They said they would make NO money off of this great deal, but they were doing it simply to earn my trust.

    I can see my website and they even gave me a pretty graph showing how many people they claim have seen my website. The quarter ended June 30th. I had even gone onto my website and used a link to buy a present for my mom, so I KNOW that I have had at least ONE purchase from my website. Well, a month after the quarter ended I called. They said it takes approximately 5 weeks to see any checks from companies. Well, 6 weeks have passed and I'm biginning to hate myself for reluctantly being taken for $1450. It's not enough to break me, and I knew it wouldn't be, but being scammed is never fun.

    I still have plans to see what I can work out with them, if I can have some sort of understanding on what it actually is they do. In the 3 months I've had my website I've had 2 more calls of people trying to sell me MORE marketing and even getting angry when I decline saying I haven't seen anything from my initial investment. They have been very rude, and unhelpful.


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