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This company is a complete SHAM! Be extra cautious when approaching or when they approach you by cold call telemarketing. They lie about everything! Watch out for Mike Massey and Evelyn Rivera Sanchez especially. If indeed these are their names!

They run a web site company they say design spectacular sites and have hundreds of site examples they say they made! It even shows up on their home page and on other pages on their site. Pure fantasy to drag you in! That is pure CRAP! None of those sites that are up on their web site is theirs! They did not design them from scratch - others did. If you look at them closely, you will find many red flags. First, they are all generic with no specific company names or a way to enlarge them so you can call them.

I did find several once I enlarged them and called them and each confirmed that this company did NOT create their site nor knew anything about them. One said they knew about them as but only asked them to do a monthly SEO but did nothing nor return dozens of calls to them. Just took their money!

The webmaster name (seopositioning) should be on the bottom of the site but it is not. Their's is not. Their name has the word SEO and Positioining in it. If you look at the description on their site what content do they have as to what they will deliver for you? Where is the pricing? Where is the transparency?

I was invited to come down to their offices in Mahwah NJ and met with a Mike Massey in a conference room and later on brought in one web designer called 'Gary' - a kid about 22 years of age - to listen in even though he initially advised me he had an entire team of designers. I advised Mike I got burned by designers before him and he assured me that his company would never do that and I could come in and see the transparency of the office even though I asked him where all these developers were? None to be found or equipment. Everyone in the office was cowering in cubicles and they were not working on web sites!

He wrote down some kind of scribble I hoped was exactly what I was looking for as to the the foundation of my business and the pay off of the site. I hoped he was actually paying attention and I was getting what I was paying for. He took notes I thought which appeared to be about 8 pages or more. After 1.5 hours of time I left with assurances from this guy named Mike that one site at least would be finished in a week. Gary agreed and I was told a guy named Joe would be working right off on the other site. So much for a whole staff of designers.

3 weeks go by and I never heard anything like Hi I am Bob the designer and have some pages done and would like you to look at them to see what you think. No - nothing! I called them and spoke to Gary one of the two designers who was developing one of my sites. I asked what was going on. He said he was just getting onto to my site. I was fuming as neither of the sites had even begun work on them. I asked about Joe who was going to work on the other and he said he just left on vacation and I then also found out that they only had 2 web designers in the entire company!

So, Mikey who runs the place, said I was wrong about the 1 week agreement and that the sites would be up and running with complete SEO in 4 weeks. Given even that with his mentality, I said so when Joe returns it will be 4 weeks and it will then be our agreed upon deadline with complete SEO but actually the sites will just be underway. It was like talking to the wall but they thought I was the ### or I did not know at the time that I was being scammed and this was the process. Bend over now and get the first lick as I had already paid them in full for both sites and the SEO!!

When I went back to the company and sat down with Gary to see more of what was going on there, I did see that nothing was done and that his prowess at web design was like writing a square with chalk on a sidewalk. Making my web designing which I built 2 sites in 2 days look like I was Albert Eijnstein of the web world!

Not only did I develop 2 sites in 2 days I also was able to fully optimize the sites in 2 days. These two ###s have no clue what they are doing and the home page of their site ( has tons of site examples but NONE of them are theirs!!! I was invited there so I have first hand knowledge.

They said the site I gave them which in fact was two would be done in 4 weeks which at first was 1 week. After 4 weeks, neither site had even been started! 2 days later and after having to argue with them for 5 hours! They called back the next day and said the site was done. I looked at it and it was much worse than it was than I had it!!! And then, after all that time and effort, I did HAVE it. They wanted images that was 1500x430 and wanted me to get them and me to do all the work, so why did I hire them. I found out that you could use any dimensions of banner but just use the same size.

Then there was Evelyn. Evelyn said she was working there for 25 years! She was going to fix everything! The center of the Universe - the center of the con game. Give her a call - cell is [protected]. She said she had already SEO's my sites but anyone in the industry can tell you that would be a big lie because you cannot put the cart ahead of the horse. She said she could because she knew of the keywords. If this was true though, I caught her again with her shoe in her mouth as they said they never found my notes and you cannot do a complete SEO just with a keyword or two. Ask an expert! We did not have images or content yet!. Not even a shell!

I spent 6 hours looking for images they said they needed to be 1500x430 and found some nice ones but nothing even existed on the Internet for those sizes but I had at least 12 nice banner images on my other sites. They said that they could not continue unless I provided them. Here is what they forgot in their advertising right ion their own home page which shows for itself in evidence that they are scams.

Evelyn Rivera Sanchez promised me a full refund more than once and after the nonsense going back and forth and her yelling at me, she said the refund would be put forward. That was a lie the next day when she wrote me and said some BS about their accounting department would not able to issue me the web site fees!

They also took down my both my web sites, not the one they created but the ones I created OUT OF MALICE!!! I do not even know how they got my codes as I did not give them that! These were sites they had nothing to do with. I did not care if they took down the crap work they did because they did nothing but 1st grade crap!

I even have it in writing from them. They are that stupid. Came from Evelyn Rivera Sanchez herself from [protected] [protected] ext. 201.
I decided to do more investigating on this company and found out Gabby Investments is no Investment company at all and in violation of law. amongst others gross violations I cannot mention here as it is an ongoing investigation. Look out for prosecution on them in the near future.

All Images & Logos Can Be Altered To Fit Your Requirements. You Will Be Assigned A Dedicated Web Designer Who Will Handle All Your Design Needs. If You Have A Different Look In Mind Just Let Us Know & We Will Be Happy To Copy That Look & Feel For You.

Also, i took another look on their home page which explicitely says "All Images & Logos Can Be Altered To Fit Your Requirements. You Will Be Assigned A Dedicated Web Designer Who Will Handle All Your Design Needs. If You Have A Different Look In Mind Just Let Us Know & We Will Be Happy To Copy That Look & Feel For You."

So if this was all true then why did they put we thru all that hell and lying for?

Gabby Investments are linked to

offices at 6 Mars Ct in Boonton NJ 07005


710 US Hwy 46 East - Suite 210

Fairfield NJ 07004

Seems like a e mail bulk business to me - like your junk mail that attracts trojans, malware, etc that potentially and does crashes your computer system.

What the hell does any of this do with INVESTMENTS? Hey, Gabby?

They are liars and out to steal your money. The caller ID on their phones are 'Dunkin Donuts'! LMAO!

Sep 04, 2014
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      Apr 15, 2015

    Website SEO Positioning in Mahwah, NJ <> phone #: 973-334-8100 <> website:

    I had a similar experience with this company... This place is nothing more than a SCAM... They promise you the world and are only interested in taking your hard earned money and running away or telling you that because you call them 1x (once a week) to check up on the progress / status of your site or services (THAT YOU PAID FOR)... They turned around and said PLEASE STOP CALLING US. We don't want your business anymore and we are NOT REFUNDING you any money.

    This didn't make any sense. I paid for a service and I was made a lot of promises and when I called once a week to check the status of my site... I guess that 1 weekly phone call set them over the EDGE!!!

    Promising me that for about $89 I could expect to be seen on the first PAGE of GOOGLE. And that this would happen within 3-4 weeks... WELL IT NEVER HAPPENED. The only thing that did happen was that I was out $89.00


    Are all behind this scam and need to be stopped from stealing our hard earned money and NEVER following through or offering rewards.


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