Websites Stating They Can Get You Loans With Bad Credit / false advertising

I get sick of seeing these websites that say they can get you a loan, even if you have bad credit. BULL! I have tried many of these websites cause my credit score is lower than a skinny fashion models waist line. I thought it was illegal to "False Advertise". None of these websites found me a loan. They all end up saying the same crap. "Sorry, we can't help you at this time, cause we are lieing". Thank god I used a spam email account, or I bet I'd be bombarded with SPAM. Sites like these need to be taken down.

Also, these local car dealers who state they can Get you a loan, even with bad credit, are false. I went to one to buy a car, and they couldn't find me a loan, unless I had a "Co-Signer". They should state that in the ad, so I wouldn't waste my time with them.
Ok Done Ranting.

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