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Websites Of America / Business Opportunity that sells marketing of affiliate website takes money and runs

1 602 W. Indian School RdPhoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-279-2707

When I first got a phone call from these salespeople, they were very rude and pressured me into purchasing their business opportunity before I had a chance to research it. They assured me of the money back guarantee but I still told them no several times at first, and they would not get off the phone. I finally gave them my credit card number for the $99.00 website to get them off the phone thinking I could cancel and get my money back later.

Then several different 'account managers' called me within the next week, and convinced me that I needed to spend another $1100.00 to get my business off the ground.

I was promised first page search engine rankings for my website, google adwords ads and targetted traffic. Now, two months later, when I do a search for my website on google, it doesn't come up in the first 35 pages at all (I stopped looking after that point), I asked them what keywords would be used to show my google adwords ad, and I searched and searched, and again, nothing is coming up. They won't give me any information on how to see the stats for my site so I can check to see if their even sending the traffic I bought either. About 3 weeks ago, after zero results and plenty of headaches, I called to cancel and get my money back, and have been calling almost every day since. Whenever I call someone take s a message and says they'll give it to 'Harvey' because he is the one that handles all of that. I'm starting to wonder if this person is even real, because I have not gotten one single phone call back. Other times, a woman will answer and say she'll get it taken care of, but then never does. My account still has not been credited, and theyre giving me the run around. All I want is my $1199.00 back.

Sure its a business opportunity, and most people get upset when they sink money into something and don't get a return on the investment, but thats not why I'm upset. I'm upset because they took my money, then never even bothered to fulfill the advertising that I paid for!!

After Contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Attorney General's Consumer Protection Agency, I received an email from the company now stating that they have NO record of EVER doing business with me. I've called my credit card company to do a chargeback. I'm not sure what else I can do at this point. Don't let them SCAM you too!

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  • Ke
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    webs sites of america robbed me of 100.00 2 weeks ago. is there anything i can do to get my money back ?????

  • Ro
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    Websites Of America - Illicit Activities in neighborhood
    Websites of America
    602 W. Indian School Road
    United States
    Phone: 602-266-8358

    They have shoved several dozen people into a boiler room operation to sell 'website development'. There have been several 'employees' wandering the streets and alleys in our neighborhood on 'breaks' openly smoking pot or 'secretly' doing it in the alleys. Several hours later they are back doing same on more 'breaks'. Not a good element in any neighborhood and there doesn't seem to be anything other than a scam from the business. Their number listed has been disconnected, their 'website' is not even functioning. Something is goofy. Avoid these clowns if you get a call from them...

  • Je
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    This sounds very similar to a company now operating as "Websites 4 America". I have posted a complaint under that name. Websites 4 America is based in Sun City, Arizona which is a suburb of Phoenix, where Websites of America was based.

    The method of operation sounds identical. I would be surprised if there are not at least some of the same people in both organizations.

    Their website is ""

  • Je
      16th of Feb, 2010
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    they got me for 1800.00 and 18500.00 to somer ventures.
    I guess this means i have been more stupid.
    Now they have taken my web site away and will not return my calls.

  • Ha
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    I bought this program after Rebecca Wood called me and explained their travel
    and credit card processing features of ""
    She said over & over that I should call her if I had any trouble or problems..

    I was told by a Lady, " DANI" that my website w3ould be up & running and in
    And start Training. Over 6 Business days passed and no one called. I called Dani again
    and she said thet were very busy but she would call her supervisor, AMBER, and
    get someone to call> Four More bus. days passed no calls.
    Sensing this Program was Oversold & Understaffed ( common in online companies)
    I called twice more & I finally demanded my money back. Customer Service said
    they could not return money and connected mt to JOHN HANSEN.
    John was adamant & arrogant and refused to even return my money.
    I blew my stack ( lost my temper & told him "RETRN MY MONEY OR ELSE" !
    Still arrogant and adamant but agreed to stop my hosting fees and MICHAEL
    would call and arrange my training next day. Three days later MICHAEL CALLED
    and said he would call me on Monday. HE DID NOT CALL MONDAY. He called
    Tuesday and asked several questions about the WEB SITE I never got a look at
    because Customer Service never E mailed my USER NAME & PASSWORD.
    Michael then said he would call me Wednesday I HAVEN't heard from Michael
    again until yesterday 04/12/2010 PROX 5 PM MST John Still called and asked a
    lot of questions about my financial situation with a whole BIG HYPE about
    their NEW PROGRAM for selected buyers of WEBSITES4
    he had to ask someone the name of the WEBSITE...NO ONE KNEW . BUT HE SAID OPM
    is the new criteria. He didn't know what OPM meant. I told him" other
    peoples money" I finally told him i didn't have $ 250.00 ( his minimum) END OF CONVERSATION ! H A RUDY 801-583-8996 04/13/2010 CALL OR E MAIL ME !! HOW ABOUT A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT ???

  • Ha
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    POSTED COMPLAINTS resemble mine, except I suspected from this programs ( WEBSITES4 employees, trainers, John HANSEN MGR arrogance and refusal even though
    the program was guaranteed " MONEY BACK " NO QUESTIONS.

    It is time this activity online stops. IT may take a few CLASS ACTION LAW SUITS.
    But if the majority of owners, managers and Safety Programs don't police this industry.

    H A RUDY 801-583-8996 04/13/2010

  • Jb
      3rd of Jan, 2011
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    You are so lucky they only got 11oo from you, they took a total of 15, 499.00 from me and haven't paid back anything. They charged my account and when I canceled my credit card, they called and screamed at me. His name was Dan Stenson and it was horrible. He told me that you have to spend money to make it and the 15, 000.00 would do just that. It now has been 3 years since this all started and they're no longer in business, or they're no longer available for contact. The man I mention I was told left the company along with his associates, so I feel that after finding this all out, that the company should repay the money since they did not do as promised. No one answers my calls. The phone number that I had no longer is available and they claim the business does not exist any longer. I feel like such a fool to believe anyone that I could make money. I tried to get it back when it all started, but of course they refuse to pay it back. I had to use my daughter's college fund to pay the credit card company and that wiped out everything we had. I'm still trying to find them and get my money back, but I doubt that will ever happen. I wish I had contact the officials you had to tell them of what happened, but it is too late now and I'm certain they would laugh in my face for being so naive and gullible. But as I said, you were lucky it only cost you so little. For me, my life was wiped out.

  • Aw
      9th of Jun, 2011
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    VERY sorry to hear that JBG 1957...same here very hurt forever...

    "Golden Rule" abandoned for personal greed. Fueled by self importance and arrogance of these llc's or corporations and their owners / managing individuals ... May they burn in their own soul-less existence. The main heads I have had only a couple of conversations with over 10 months of trying to get simple answers to very legitimate questions & a REFUND...are the Liars John Hanson & Justin Johnson. From Cornerstone / web4amer/ F-mkt'g & economic freedom corp. respectively.

    Excuse me as I am crying over a great LOSS / THEFT by these artful dodgers of accountability. I Was supposed to get a call back today, but stood up as can be expected
    (happened dozens of times before). This run around is typical as I have heard MANY state on these boards.

    They have victimized many good seniors as myself, WWII veteran / and veterans as myself. One vet said it is an abomination they use America in their name as they have abandoned ALL decency and values that America stands for.

    Please view the recent understated 3 on your side news report on EFC...and always remember that web4america / cornerstone / f-mkt'g...are all in bed together...Hopefully in bed in jail soon along with their model leslie mersky of the bankcard empire FRAUD of a yr. ago. Only 12 victims mentioned, but there must be 100's as this is a NATION WIDE RIP-OFF !!!

    And feel free to chime in good people, or I'd love to hear a rebuttal from the managers that took the money and are in hiding. Hanson has said god bless and they care about resolving issues with customers. That is a huge lie as they issued a refund to me on a CLOSED ACCOUNT!

    They knew of the FRAUDULENT sales tactics for months before they got to me and for months after...they must be BUSTED and not just a slap on the wrist as their SCAM has hurt good folks for a lifetime of debt...with nothing to show for it as was promised by the original salesmen. BAIT & SWITCH Artists !

  • Aw
      23rd of Aug, 2011
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    Latest is they are dba my choice business services in las vegas...if you have not heard? Google them for more address and location info. Also file new complaints at AZ. att. gen, Nancy Anger, assistant Att. gen.; FTC is easy to file complaint; Online business bureau, and BBB; scambook told me to tell other victims to file complaint there. Good Luck! I too have been fighting for a year now. John Hanson of web4amer. is especially a crook, but C. Foerster is right up there. And view the 3 on your side report of a couple of months ago.

  • Aw
      5th of Sep, 2011
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    a good place to complain of one's credit card company's non protection from these scammers is...
    Strange the card co's do not keep track of the number of disputes on any company?? Sure helps the offending co...!! Found that Atlantic Pacific processing was the disputing bank in my case.
    As the card co's sure seem to accept the excuses from the merchant ... that product was delivered, but they do not have to prove it?? Then one would think that a co. TOTALLY going under would make any protest by them a moot point. 3 yrs. of commissions and a yr. or more in advertising defaulted on??
    A recent response to another victim from AZ. Att. Gen.

    Dear Friends..
    I've spoken to Nancy with the Arizona Attorney General's office. She was as helpful as she could be. She sent this letter for me to be able to go to my credit card company with this info.

    My credit card company wouldn't do anything because I went past the "60 days". I am going to send this letter to them, along with a phone call to see what can be done.

    If this information is helpful - you may want to use it to contact your banks as well. We can get these scammers if we work together!!

    Sent: 9/2/2011 12:48:24 P.M. Central Daylight Time
    Subj: Letter

    Dear xxx: Attached is a summary of Arizona’s law which you may want to use to advise your credit union of your desire to rescind the sale.The Arizona Telephone Solicitations Statute (A.R.S. § 44-1271, et seq.) requires telemarketers to register with the Arizona Secretary of State. The statute also requires telemarketers to post a $100, 000 bond with the Arizona State Treasurer’s Office. A.R.S. § 44-1279, states:“A consumer may rescind a sale by an unregistered seller at any time.
    The consumer may recover any financial damages caused by the unregistered seller and reasonable attorney fees and costs.” If you have already filed a dispute and been denied a refund, you may want to contact your credit card company or bank and ask to reopen the dispute, providing them with the above-referenced language in the statute.
    This e-mail is not intended to serve as legal advice, but rather to inform you of the provisions of the Arizona Telephone Solicitations Act. Thank you for informing our office of your concerns. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.
    Nancy V. AngerSenior Litigation CounselConsumer Protection & Advocacy SectionOffice of the Attorney General

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