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I've always been told, It you have to pay somebody to work for then, then your being screwed. Now, I'm a believer and fore-ever will be. This company SUCKS!!!

Please read this if you write for Website This company is such a joke that I can't even understand, they lie to you, charge you two much and what I mean about this is that last year they took out 14 months payments with-out my permission and it took for-ever to get my money back.

This June, they took out two payments, one on June 6th and the other one on June 22nd and it took me almost 3 weeks to get that extra payment back, now I'm not a rich person so that could have caused me some extra money in over-drafts. Now, if you only want to be disgruntled, this is the company to write for, if not, go else where.

I've had a post on here since last Thursday, July, 7th. It was supposed to be edited with-in 48 hours and it still isn't, so you tell me what's wrong with this picture? Website isn't the company you think it is.

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