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Website has had multiple failures and now they have decided not to fix them and in fact - THEY HAVE DECIDED NOT RETURN ANY CALLS OR E-MAILS


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      Jul 15, 2009

    I am the owner of Webot Multimedia. This customer approved our final draft of a site. 3 months have gone by (which I have supporting emails to confirm for anyone who'd like to see), and now after 3 months he has broken his ecommerce site and wants us to fix his negligence.

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  • Cg
      Aug 11, 2009

    After claiming it was my fault, the owner told me that the site he built me had been hacked and someone had injected some code into the site.

    He agreed to fix it on 7/17 and has yet to do it or contact me back.

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  • Br
      Aug 11, 2009

    I am also a victim of "webot media"

    I paid Daniel a deposit to create a website that he said he would have no problem doing. He gave me a delivery date of 8 days, This was June 15th. With Daniels lack of communication & forth ability to answer his phone. Today will be the 57th day with still no website nor even a glimpse of a finished site. He claims we changed the site on him, though in his contact it states we get up to 10 changes. Though we only changed the site once.

    This complaint can be listing, so I will end this with a.


    If you like communication on things you are paying good money for then this guy is not for you.


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      Aug 22, 2009

    As with all design jobs, certain things are expected by clients that are NOT covered in the contract, and many customers, like the above client, want MUCH more than they are willing to pay for. We have serviced over 150 happy clients in the last 2 years. It is impossible to please everyone.

    We are VERY concentrated on keeping a good online reputation and we have many positive references that are available for anyone looking toward using our services.

    In regards to the above complaint, he changed his logo, his layout and his "idea" for the site many more times than allowed contractually. Designers are people too and we cannot work continuously around the clock for free as some buyers believe

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  • Di
      Sep 03, 2009

    After going through the sites listed in Webot's portfolio page, I am inclined to believe the original complainant rather than the explanations provided in the other comments.

    In a couple of the listed sites, there are indeed visual misplacements and the underlying web page source code seem to be poorly customized templates from either Wordpress or Joomla. This suggests that whoever implemented those sites or designs does not have the sufficient skill level provide for such professional services. Whether such services are limited to customizing pre-written web applications or, more so, building such applications from scratch.

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  • Pt
      Sep 03, 2009

    Daniel, Daniel, Daniel (Webot's owner), it appears that I'm not the only person you screwed over, eh? Maybe we can get a class action lawsuit against this guy... anyone know if that's possible cuz I would love to nail his ### to the wall.

    Okay, so what happened with me is that I contracted with Shockforce Studios (the name of the company before it was changed to Webot Media... hmm, wonder why he changed the name), to have them create a uniform designer so my customers could design their own custom uniforms through our website. I had received several bids but decided to go with these guys because they said they could do it for less using a different programming language other than Flash (Flash programming is more time consuming and therefore more expensive). He said he would redesign my site as well (for more money of course), and even though I didn't want that, I agreed to it and we signed the contract, paying for half up front.

    A few months later when the redesign was done, I was asked to pay the remaining amount owed for just the redesign because the uniform designer was going to take longer, and like an idiot, I paid.

    Many months later and several emails from their programmer telling me 'we will have a sample by the end of the week', and I still don't have a uniform designer, even though it's been paid for. When they finally realized they couldn't deliver what I wanted, they told me to dispute the charges with PayPal so I could get my money back. Problem was that too much time had gone by to dispute it (has to be within 90 days of the transaction), so when I asked for a check instead, I was told that I would have to file a lawsuit to get my money back (I'm filling out the paperwork as we speak).

    Now I imagine Danny boy will respond to my comments saying I 'disappeared' for 4 months (because that's what his programmer told him) and that they started working on other projects and couldn't stop to finish mine. The truth is that I was traveling for my business and I was away for a few weeks - not months. However, (and I'm sure Dan won't mention this in his response), BEFORE I left town, I was told that I would have a sample by the end of the week (sound familiar to any of you?). Guess what? Never got the sample. In fact, when I returned to town, I sent more styles and information to the programmer with the promise that ... all together now... I would have a sample by the end of the week. Hey maybe Webot Media could make that their new slogan.

    Anyway, to make a long story longer, these guys are BAD NEWS!!! DO NOT do business with them and tell all your friends not to do business with them, your bank account will thank you.

    Have a great day!

    Julie Biggs
    Phoenix Total Sport, Inc.

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      Oct 06, 2009

    We try our best to satisfy all customers. A few of them just expect too much, disappear forever and then want immediate action or expect a 3, 000.00 site for $379.

    We strive to maintain our online reputation and its a shame that out of over 300 customers served in 2008 alone, the only thing that the public sees are these hate posts.

    Never any of this...

    Webot Media was able to provide me with a sophisticated website fast and at a affordable rate. They were patient with tweaking the site to my exact specifications. I will highly recommend them to my friends and business contacts in the years to come.

    - Tim Gozzano
    Gozzano Consulting

    After trying several different web developers and being disappointed, we decided to try Webot Media based on the creativity his sites had. We were pleasantly surprised with their initial design of our site. Not only was the appearance as we envisioned it but it had the flow we were looking for. We had very little changes from their original concept.

    JR Garret
    Pro IT Solutions

    Webot Media comes highly recommended. Daniel has been not only easy to work with but up most professional. His consistency both in the most up-to-date web design and efficient work habits show not only in the work but also in communication as well. I would definitely recommend Shockforce Studios for web design or any other services offered.

    Tyson Shellhorn
    ADC Test Consortium, Inc.

    Webot Media has built many websites for me and I have been very impressed with their work. They stand behind their work 100% and do not quit until I am 100% satisfied. I highly recommend them and believe you will be completelysatisified with his work.

    Wholesale Webot Client

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  • Ls
      Oct 08, 2009

    Daniel would like to think he is a professional website builder when he is not. I am not 100% satisfied. I am not 50% satisfied.

    Daniel needs to improve his communication and organizational skills. He does NOT follow up phone calls/emails and does not communicate well in person. He needs to WRITE DOWN WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY and not "have it down in memory" because he cannot remember what he promised and cannot deliver.

    Webot Media, or whatever the company name is this week, is not a good choice.

    Leslie Scott

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      Oct 19, 2009

    We actually have a full organization system through both WHMCS and Basecamp Project Management software. We are unaware of any communication errors with any of the above named clients. In this industry we (designers) get trodden upon by all of the craigslist surfers that want million dollar websites for 300 bucks. We have contracts that are plainly visible through our website (via download) or by email once we start a project.

    Almost all problems arise when a custom seeks to have us complete some sort of additional / non-quoted coding and it is OUTSIDE their legal rights within the contract. Alot of customers don't realize when we say you get "6 pages" that doesn't mean 6 main pages and 35 seperate pages that are linked to from within content. If we have to design and code the page and add content to it, THATS EXTRA WORK.

    I hope that anyone reading this board would understand the post I initiated listing all of the GOOD reviews and realize that we dealt with hundreds of customers last year. Only the bad ever gets onto the internet, never the good.

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  • Pd
      Jan 20, 2010

    My company has a current lawsuit agains Daniel & Webot Multimedia.
    If you feel you want to join in on this lawsuit and make it a class action suit we can do this. My sister is a Corporate Lawyer & can further this suit to a class action.

    Email at the disclosed email below:

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