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This company hacked my computer. My favorite website cactiguide is blocked and I get this bogus page from Network Solutions. I know it is an active site and not for sale because it works on other computers but not mine. The only solution they offered when I called was that I send them the evidence. I reported it already to the FBI internet fraud. Here are pictures of what comes up when I try to visit the site. It is one thing to get spam but another to get hacked and then have the company name on it. Like I said this page in the picture is bogus and not where this is supposed to go to.


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  • Pt
      13th of May, 2009
    Webhosting - Lost 30€ because yahoo did not cancelled when i asked
    Yahoo Inc.

    1º i bought yah00's webhosting online on 24th of March 2009
    2º told my domain registrar that my new webhost was yahoo, and i was told by them that yahoo had to change the website administrator.
    3º I sent several e-mails in english to Yahoo to do that
    4º After two weeks, Yahoo answered that they did not speak my language...(I sent all e-mails in english!!!)
    5º I called yahoo to try to explain what was happening, and i was on hold for 20 minutes...i was calling from PORTUGAL!!!
    6º I waited for two days, and their anser was that they couldn't solve my problem.
    7º On the 24th of April, my website wasn't online and i sent an e-mail asking to cancel my account and to have my money was still within the 30 days trial.
    8º no answer back from yahoo, i the called again!!! i was on hold for another 22 minutes!!! to be told that i called the wrong number!! to cancel the service, i had to call another number and i couldn't send an e-mail to do it!!
    Yahoo tried their hardest, not to help me, but not to loose the 30 euros for no service at all!!!
    I lost my 30 euros, plus 9, 36€ on telephone and couldn't had my website online.
    Yahoo has poor webhosting services and poor custumer services either on the phone or by e-mail.

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  • Ba
      30th of Aug, 2012

    Network Solutions scammed me for the last time. They have had so many security breaches just read Wikipedia, over 10 million. I will be posting the FAX and address of the CEO in a few weeks. The Federal Trade Commission needs a look see here, only they all feed from the same trough.

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  • Ba
      30th of Aug, 2012

    NS has nothing but bots on TWitter that give you empty complaint tickets to nowhere and links to infected websites.

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