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1 12808 Gran Bay Pkwy, West, Jacksonville, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-932-4678

We have been on the web since 1994, and have been through several web hosts. Interland had been our longest-serving host (8 years), and was responsive to our needs. Interland provided immediate useful help 24/7 almost all the time. We last renewed our hosting contract with them in March 2006, signing up for an Advanced Linux host for 2 years and pre-paying to get the best price.

When bought Interland, the service collapsed. Tech support answered the phone from the Phillipines, half a world away from the data center in Atlanta, and never knew anything. Their answer to every problem was "we'll escalate the problem and get back to you in 24 hours." Unacceptable as this was, they made it even more unacceptable by NEVER responding. Trouble tickets got closed with no action taken: sometimes they just mysteriously disappeared altogether with no explanation.

The last straw came when decided to "upgrade" our host (we did not ask for or want an "upgrade") and move our site to another server. They assured us that our SSL certificate and all the features of our current site would be preserved, and that we would have 30 days to examine the new site before they activated it and de-activated our old site so that they would not disrupt our on-line sales.

The move was an unmitigated disaster. They moved our site to an inferior new host, activated it and deactivated or old (working) host immediately with no notice. Suddenly we had no secure shell access, no FTP, no dedicated IP, and the entire site ran at HALF the speed of the "old" host. We were effectively shut down because we could not update or maintain our web site.

Calls and tickets to tech support got no action whatsoever. Tickets were closed with no meaningful resolution. Finally, after a WEEK of this foolishness, tech support admitted that they were unable to provide shell access. They are completely unable to explain why everything runs at half speed, and they have no clue how to provide the other site features which we bought and paid for.

Conclusion: has effectively destroyed Interland's hosting service, and has absolutely no business quality hosting service capability to offer. Their tech service incompetence and inability is matched only by large phone companies and Microsoft. You'd be better off with a local yokel running your host through a string and a pair of tin cans.

We're moving all three of our web sites to other providers this weekend.

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