Web Tech Stratagies / I was dupped out of $12,495.00 and lied to by Michael Lauren for a business that does not exist

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Two years ago in April 2009 I made the mistake of investing my money in Webtech Strategies and believing that they could make some extra money for me. They promised me at least two million people would be guided to my website by their company and it would be easy for me to start making all kinds of money. As of this date I have received no money what-so-ever from them so it really was a scam and did not work. I went back to them and complained that I had received no money for my investment and their representative said they would run it again and said that two million people would be guided to my website again. I declined the offer because originally they showed me all kinds of charts that supposedly showed the phases and the amount of people viewing my website. Anyone can make up a chart, even a child could do that. Their business was definitely a scam. At that time I contacted the credit card company to help me and they told me if I had signed a contract with them then they could not help me. This is not true of course. I want all of my money back which amounts to $12, 495.00. Yes, I really was a sucker and they were really smooth talkers. I am now 78 years old and this was part of our retirement fund. I believe that this company has now changed their name to Global Web Solutions Online, 925 W. Baseline Rd., Tempe, AZ. 85283. Watch out for them also. The told me that I was recommended to them by Web Tech Strategies. Need I say any more???


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