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I love this one... Check it out below... my favorite part is "We are Lithuanian company, we are located in Lithuania. It’s next to Europe." lol All the contact information is the same (except mine, of course) so feel free to hassel this guy all you want:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Andrews Butkus <[protected]>
Date: Jan 18, 10:17 AM
Subject: Job position
To: Nicole


Thank you for your interest in our offer! Keep in mind that this offer
is for US citizens only!
Our company name is Web Electronic Industry (WEI, Inc.).
We are Lithuanian company, we are located in Lithuania. It's next to
Europe. We take up software and design development. We have a lot of
clients in the US as well as lots of remote employees who make orders
for our clients. Our clients pay for our services but we have some
difficulties to transfer the directly to the accounts of our
programmers and designers as we have to pay for their work, that's why
we need your services. You'll be our Local Financial Agent. You'll
have to receive the payments from our clients to your account and make transfers to our employees.
You will be managing financial transactions, which our company
conducts in the US territory. To cooperate with us as a Local
Financial Agent you have to do the following things:

1) You need to open a new business or personal account in a bank.

There are two options of opening bank account:

a) Open a new personal account (preferably in the preferred bank) or
use your current account.

Any personal bank account will suit. You have to receive the to
your account and forward it to our developers via
Western Union. Your commission will be 5 % from the amount of the transferred through your account.

Here is the list of the banks where you should open your account(s):

Bank of America
Washington Mutual
Wells Fargo
Citizens bank
Chase bank

b) Open a company (the name doesn't matter)

If you use a business account for our cooperation, then your
commission will be 10% from the amount of the transferred
through your account. It's the most profitable suggestion for you.

As soon as you have provided with all the information about your
account we'll give it to our clients and in the nearest time you'll
get the first transfer to your account from one of our clients.
Then you'll have to take the out of your bank account, deduct
your portion and take the rest of the to the Western Union
office and make a transfer.
Keep in mind that we pay all fees related to any kind of transfer.
After you make a transfer to our employee via Western Union, you will
receive the next transaction.
You will be processing from about 2-3 transfers a week, and you
will be able to make $4, 000-10, 000 monthly.
The average coming amount will be from 3000 USD to 9000 USD.

You could open a few accounts in different banks at once. It would
make the procedure of our working easier as we have a great quantity
of clients in different banks. And surely we are ready to pay for your

The more accounts you'll provide the more transactions you'll get and
consequently the more you'll be able to make.

2) You should open a Papal account or use your current Papal account.
That's not essential option but of course in that case you would be
able to make more .

3) We have one more profitable option of working with our company.
The matter is that very often our employees have business trips to the
US. And sometimes they make orders in the US e-shops but
unfortunately they can't ship the packages directly to their native
countries - to Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia (as we have
a great variety of remote employees all over Europe, Russia and
Ukraine who work for our company and make orders for our US clients).
That's why we need your services. You have to provide us with one or
more addresses. Then you'll have to receive the packages to your
address (es) and ship the packages to the destination point we'll
indicate you. For each package shipment you'll get 50 USD. Keep in
mind that we pay all expenses regarding package shipment. Due to the
package shipment service you'll be able to earn additional couple of
thousands dollars as the packages will be shipped to your address in a
regular manner. The more addresses you'll provide the more packages
you'll get and consequently the more you'll be able to make.

Our business is absolutely legal, we already consulted with the US
lawyers and that's O.K. about that. We will sign a Contract with you
where we'll specify the liabilities of each Party.

No professional skills are required for our cooperation!

If you're interested in our business offer please choose the options
that suit your best and contact us.

Our contacts:

Email: [protected]
Phone: [protected] (US phone number)

Best regards,
HR manager
Andrews Butkus

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From: Nicole
Date: Jan 18, 9:57 AM
Subject: Web Electronic Industry?
To: [protected]

I am interested. Please supply details.
Thank you,

__________________________________________________ __________________________
From: <[protected]>
Date: /1/18
Subject: Please Respond
To: Nicole

International company Web Electronic Industry is taking the candidates
in the US for the position of Local Agent.
We are looking for the trustworthy person with excellent
organizational and communicative skills.
Good knowledge of computer and business relations practice
will be your advantage. This is a part-time job which can be combined
with any permanent or another part-time job. Average workload is up to 8 hours
a week. No special experience is necessary. Excellent compensation
package, the salary starts from $20, 000 a year.
If you got interested in our vacancy and you have any questions,
please contact us !
And please know that Everything is
absolutely legal, that's why You have to fill a contract!
If you are
interested in our offer, please reply to the following email address:
[protected], Thanks for your anticipated action.
And we hope to hear back from you.
Mr Alex Brewster
The offer is for US citizens only.

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