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Web Access Charges / Did not sign up this

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I have been charged $4.95 on my Master Card for the past three months. I did not sign up for theses charges Aug 28, 2008, Reference # 75309568242223571281692 Web Access [protected] again on Oct 8, 2008 Reference #75309568283292893317450 Web Access [protected] and on Oct 27. 1008 Reference #75309568302915246208664 Web Access [protected]. I want this amounts credited by to my Master Card and do not want any more unauthorized charges made to this account. The total for the credit to my account $14.85. I did not sign up for theses charges and you had no authority to charge them to my account. Mary Jane Allen

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  • Ta
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    I did not receive a call, but I did get incur charges from this phone number on my CC account. I too had ordered Wuyi and was then also charged the $4.95 by Insider tips, listed as webaccess. I called the 800-281-9006 number and accessed their website. I of course became even more frustrated because there is NOTHING there. I did click on the little logo next to the controls for the webperson that was talking. I then called the phone number on the top of the next page. The lady was really nice and told me to google the phone number on my bank statement. This is how I found this site. I have called "webaccess" at 800-363-0187 (they are really called Insider Tips) and they reversed the charges AND cancelled the "membership". Another phone number that is attached to this company is 800-989-5907. It will appear as "membership fee" on your bank statement with a charge of $9.95. This is a monthly fee so, you MUST call the 800-363-0187 AND 800-989-907 to stop these insane acts of robbery.

  • Ad
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    Buying samples/free trials off the internet or television is the worst thing you could ever do. Companies like Wu-Yi Tea, Fit Factory, Acai Berry, Natural Cures, Online Health, etc, etc will all give you the same story "free-trial with a 14-day cancellation period" Problem is, most of the time you won't receive your "free" trial until AFTER the 14-day period has expired, which means you're automatically renewed for their monthly fee. Also these companies will sign you up for 1, 2 sometimes 3 more sites/products without telling you. Unfortunately, this information IS available on the merchant's website, usually buried in the fine print somewhere. Because of this, it is 100% legal for them to charge your account every single month under a variety of different merchant names. Charges that come associated with free trials are, web access, membership fees (usually with Wu-Yi Tea) and a variety of others. If you've paid for this with your credit card, you can dispute the transactions with your bank. The only thing is, you HAVE TO CANCEL with ALL the companies in order to be successful with your dispute. If you don't have phone numbers for the companies, your bank should be able to provide you with some. Otherwise, send emails, find a mailing address and send a registered letter, anything and everything you can think of. And keep copies of everything you do/send. Also, if these companies are still sending you any merchandise (the original company you ordered the sample from), you HAVE to send it back through registered mail so you can have a tracking number and postal receipt - otherwise, the company will simply claim they never received it, and you won't have any proof that it was sent. The worst part of these scams is what they're doing is completely legal (charging without your knowledge, charging under different company names, adding on additional services, etc, etc) so protect yourself. Bottom line: don't EVER order a "free" sample unless you're willing to put a lot of effort into canceling it. If something actually works, it'll be available in stores soon enough.
    p.s. a lot of people are making this mistake but this website isn't the company that's charging you. Just putting a statement on here asking to have it canceled won't solve anything. You have to contact the company you ordered from, not a general complaint website.

  • Ds
      21st of Mar, 2009
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    hi we signed uo for Acaiburn which i duly cancelled, but we also signed up for webaccess and membership fees that kept coming out of the account via the small print!!!
    So these are the phone numbers (US) to cancel the membership and webaccess for at least acaiburn.
    membership 8009895907 cancellation
    webaccess 8002819006 good luck

  • Ke
      26th of Jul, 2009
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    Please stay away from all of these so called trial membership deals over the net such as Dazzlewhite and what not... they seem to get you with the fineprint and provide your information (credit card number/etc) to all their buddies to make a quick buck off of you. If you ever get caught with one of these so called trial membership deals, contact your credit card provider and have your card canceled immediately, then through your credit card/bank's dispute department, have them handle the issue on your behalf. Trust me, you don't want to deal with these people, they are good at what they do, and have been swindling money from people like you and me for quite a while now.

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