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Weaton Pontiac / Warning danger beware

1 United States

My complaint is with the service department at Wheaton gmc in Nanaimo. I had my 06 sierra cause I was having problems with the breaks and steering. Turned out it was the steering arm that needed to be replaced and also the break calliper was siezed so the breakes where practicaly on constantly. So that was all covered under warranty no big deal about that but due to the break callipers It had odd tire wear and I have to get new tires at only 40000 kms, the original tires are suppose to last 80, 000. So it is a little early to be replacing them I think all I asked the service manager at Wheaton for was a pro rate to help pay a little for the new tires well thats when he started to give me attitude I do not respect that it is no way to run a business... well maybe if you trying to run it into the ground it is i guess.

So anyway I ended up just biting the bullet and buying tires from Kal tire 800 bucks later.

But there is more when I took it in to get the breaks and steering arm done I left it at the shop all day til they called me to come pick it up. was told that it has been road tested and everything is fixed. So I get in it and start driving it wasn't until I got on the road that I had realized that I really had no steering something was making the truck constantly turn left. I am very lucky I wasn't in a accident that day, I managed to get it back into the dealership parking lot and went in and told them about the problem

the mechanic says he must have forgot to re align the steering and also forgot to test the truck before he gave it back.

I am not a mechanic and really not very mechanicly inclined at all but something tells me that forgeting to do all that is a big problem.

So I advise everyone to stay clear of wheaton potiac in Nanaimo there mechanice's are not qualified and extremly dangerous. Not only that they rarly honor warranties also very rude and insulting... well thats not true everyone at wheaton was very nice to me until I paid for truck.

I really just want to get the point across for the sake of safetly on the roads when dealing with breaks and steering you can not just forget steps and send it out the door.


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