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1 Hollywood, CA, United States
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This online dating service is horrible. I am a very attractive woman and I live in Hollywood. There should be hundreds of single men to choose from. There are only about 30 men! That includes about 8 different zip codes in the Los Angeles area. I put in a 25 mile radius search for each of the zip codes and guess what? The same 30 men come up for each one. Not only that, they send you a search from all of California. I did a 25 mile search and got a guy from Napa (over 300 miles away!) Do they think I'm so stupid that I won't notice? I wrote to 5 men, none of them responded, not that they should mind you but you can't even tell if they have opened your mail. Do you know why? These men aren't real! They are bogus photos that they put up or they are old profiles of men that are no longer with the site. I should be getting about 5-10 responses a day. I only say this as I'm with two other sites and I get approached every day, several times a day. If you read some of the profiles closely of men that look too good to be true, almost like they are models, guess what? They are! You can tell by the grammar and verbiage that their profile was written by someone from another country, say, India???? Just guessing here folks. Also, a guy that went to Oxford can certainly spell correctly and doesn't forget to connect words with conjunctions. I'm fighting them on this one and I want my money back! I highly suggest as I get a lot of quality responses from the men on there.

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