WE REPORT RENT / Stephen Ames / Stole money, no services rendered

1 2192 Slack Rd, Hodgenville, KY, US

I too have been taken by Mr. Stephen Ames! AKA Darkstar. He is a scam artist, he is taking peoples money on line and does NOTHING! He has gotten me for $400.00, and knows that PayPal is limited to a 45 day dispute period. DO NOT USE WE REPORT RENT if you don't want your money stolen! The only thing Mr. Ames has given me is aggrevation! I have posted complaints with [redacted], the Kentucky States Attorney, Illinois States Attorney, PayPal, and the Cyber Crime divison of the FBI. He told me to prove that the service sold to me was not provided, and he would refund my money, I did, and still no refund. This guy is a crook, thief, and LIAR!

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