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I have been finding charges WC-HOME PLAY-V and WC-ESSENTIALS FOR HOME for about 5 months on my bank statements and didn't sign up for either of them. I don't have a member # and they say that I have to give them one in order to cancel them. The next step is to talk to the bank and see if I can stop them there from taking the money out.

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  • Gl
      22nd of Feb, 2008
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    Charges to this company have appeared on monthly statment since September 2007. Called toll free number, however person couldn't tell me about this company, but did submitt cancellation for future payments. I don't know how this started but will continue to investigate.

  • As
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    My roommate has the same problem .... Apparently you don't call them. Its a scam company and they won't stop billing you. They will say you have multiple accounts. Call your bank and tell them its not authorized and then cancel your card and get a new one.

  • Jo
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    This has been happening to me for a couple of months now. I didn't notice until today.... I noticed one today when I was looking at my online transaction statements so I went back and checked my previous monthly statements and I found I'd been charged several times. Another one is AMA*HEALTH OPTIONS . I just cancelled my card and I'm disputing the charges with my bank.

  • Le
      16th of Mar, 2008
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    I just checked my statement and i noticed some unauthorized charges which looks strange to me. It was a two transaction as WC Value Plus-V and WC Homeplay-V. None of these have been done by me. How did they get a hold of my Card and charge it to it. Anyway will contact my bank and investigate more to this.

  • Sh
      17th of Mar, 2008
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    I recieved a call from the fraud alert department for my credit card and they informed me that i had been getting charged for something calls "essentials for home" I know for a fact that i have not signed up for somthing like this. I rarely use my card online. This definetly looks like a scam and these people have charged me numerous times on my card for each month.. i dont quite understand how they got all this information. So i told my card services about desputing these charges looked back into my statements and was charged for about 3 months still dont know if that money will be credited back to me but i should find a way to take some legal actions.

  • Ro
      4th of Apr, 2008
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    I also had seen these unauthorized charges on my credit card from WC-HOME PLAY-V and WC-ESSENTIALS FOR HOME.
    When calling them to find out how this information was obtained there was zero cooperation.
    I called the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and they sent me to the Consumer Protection Agency, surely they will be able to get the infomation concerning this matter!
    I am urging people to pursue this to the furthest of they're ability.
    There should be a law against these scams!

  • Ca
      11th of Apr, 2008
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    I just called the 800# that appearred on my bank statement. Apparently, it is NOT something you sign up for, when you purchase something that you either saw on television or in a magazine the affliate company sends your information to them. They claim that they are a company which claims to give you discount membership, but they do not tell you what for. I called the number and talked to the representative; I basically told them that if they were going to charge my account for coupons/discount that I would like to see the coupons/discounts in my possession. Basically telling them that I paid for something, now I would like physical proof of that service's existence or a refund. The representative quickly offered a refund. I guess they really don't have anything to offer.

    The number I called to cancel was 1-800-566-8640

    Hope that helps!!

  • Mi
      25th of Apr, 2008
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    I recently had the same exact thing happen to me as well. I just noticed the charges and I check my statements frequently. AMA QR Health Benifits 866-915-1190 is the number to call if they have charged your account. AMA Homeplay is the other 800-475-1942. They both said that they would cancel the membership, but they give no proof of that and are quick to get off the phone. I complained and they said that they would send an email to their manager... no manager would come to the phone. Next is to cancel the card to get a new card. I am unclear if they really canceled the memebership that we did not sign up for. Neither of us, husband or I gave our account number to anyone to allow these charges. They didnt even mention that they had our card number. I will take this up with who ever I need to If anyone else has further information please let me know who else I should speak with!
    Thank you! And I hope this helps anyone else who has been a victim of this BS!

  • Ta
      5th of May, 2008
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    I was checking my online account statement and noticed a charge that I did not make. It was from Essentials for home. They provided a 1800 number and I called it. The lady told me that I was automatically signed up for the membership when I purchased a new product. I got to thinking and looked back at my account and noticed ANOTHER charge from the same place!! I know for a FACT I did not purchase anything that would sign me up for a membership that I didnt know about. I called my bank and cancelled my card immediatly. I have to dispute the charges too! Even thought the lady on the phone said that I would be rembursed by them. We'll see if that happens.

  • Ed
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    unauthorized charge to my credit card!

  • To
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    Totally agree with all this. Have just noticed the same charge. Am now going through the motions of cancellation. Why cant the authorities do something. This is credit card fraud.

  • Ca
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    I too have just noticed these charges on my Master Card. I called the 800# on my statement, and a really grouchy "Amy" - Operator #61096 - would not tell me what the charge was for! She had to get my name, telephone number (because my name is so "common" AND address - and then she STILL would not tell me the name (HOMEPLAY V). She called it "WEST VALUE PLUS" and another charge on my account is from "QUANTITY HOME PLAY". I GOOGLED the name on my statement, and found this site. Amy said she was going to be nice today, and credit my account $19.95, twice, and I should see the credit in a few weeks. But after reading the Comments Posted here, I highly doubt to see anything, ever. I will still dispute. This is Horrible, Scarey, and Out-of-Control Credit Card Fraud! Somebody needs to crack down on these scammers! (They now have MY ADDRESS!!) Thank you for letting me Vent.

  • Ca
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    The 800# I called was: 1-800-475-1942. Next it is HEALTH OPTIONS, at 1-800-866-915-1190.

  • He
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    i have a couple of debits from my account and i dont even know who these people are does any one know if i can talk to this thing and get it stoped

  • Lo
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    same thing happen to me i called them an made them take them off i had no ideal who they was lois

  • Wa
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    Well 9.95 was withdrawn from my checking acc. and in the process of loosing my checking acc.

  • Da
      5th of Aug, 2008
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    I just notice charges on my credit card.I called the 800-475-1942 and the first thing they ask: are you calling to cancel your membership they charge me 16.95 since january of 2008. We need a lawyer!! It is a shame that in time when people are financialy struggling someone else is taking advantage.

    Good luck!!!

  • Br
      9th of Aug, 2008
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    Here is a letter sent to my home from them. Please read and let me know if anyone got one like this. Also read what they offered me, and how they are trying to get your information.

    I received in today's mail.
    It says thank you for your membership with Homeplay. We would like to provide you with uninterrupted service, but it appears we are unable to bill the full amount of your monthly fee to the credit card you initially provided. Because you have been such a loyal member, we have extended your membership benefits for an additional month at the incredibly low price of just 1.00 to prevent your membership from lapsing.

    They go on about giving them another credit card, or debit card on the form they sent. Get this ''As our way of apologizing for having to ask for a new card to continue your regular monthly billing, we're giving you a $10.00 Gift Card of your choice. That's in addition to the $25.00 Gift Card offer when you initially enrolled in our program.''
    Once they receive my new credit card information they will send a form to claim my Gift Card.

    As you can see they got my address somehow, now they are trying to get my credit cards. No where in this letter do they give a name of the credit card, or account number of the one they say I signed up with.

    Don't think for one minute I feel lucky they don't have anything yet, I don't think this is over. They have my address. The one thing I will do is call my bank, and credit card company, and watch my statements very close.
    If there is anything you want from this letter address, names, anything at all, post it here and I will help anyway I can.

  • Pa
      16th of Aug, 2008
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  • Mr
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    I was wondering if anyone could PLEASE tell me the Website Address To HomePlay? I went to & I Found This Site! & I Am GLAD I DID! :) But, I Still Need Their Website Page/Site?

    Thank You & Good Luck To All!!!
    Mrs. Susan K. Lapp

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