Wayne J. Scott IE; Impact Realty / Liar, cheat and thief

1 1035 Primera STE 1041-1, Lake Mary, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 617-413-1922

This so called Realtor who owns "Impact Realty" and he writes bad or worthless checks as he gave me one for $1, 000 and he tried to convince me it was good. It was drawn on his shady real estate company " Impact Realty" which has no physical address on his cards and a Massachusetts phone number which is his cell phone in an other state.

If you run into this liar do NOT do any business with him as he cannot tell the truth and he writes worthless checks to buy things and robs unsuspecting people. He had an appointment with me and my wife and I waited in 90 degree temps in a hot parking lot for 2 1/2 hours for this SOB while he took his sweet time.

He is a typical idiot from Mass. who has no regard for anyone but himself.
I for one will have the State of Florida issue an arrest warrant for a felony bad check charge.

He also claims he has Laundromats throughout Central Florida and he is able to cheat the IRS by pocketing the cash, so beware of all of his unethical business dealings and stay as far away as possible.

NOTE: If you file a complaint he will slander you in an attempt to make himself look better.

Because I believed this cheat, I lost $24, 000 and a lot of my time. My research shows that this is how he operates. He is apparently a man, a slum lord who rents apartments and homes no one would want and then does not fix things and lets his tenants live in places homeless people would not live in. The facts speak for themselves.

Stay as far away from this criminal loser as you can get.

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