waw / shift manager

1 Phila, PA, United States

Today a shift manager from store #252 called my wife vulgar names because my wife complained to 1 of wawa's vendors about their refrigerator shaking the windows in our house. the vendor is not supposed to park facing the house they have a spot assigned to unload the products but because someone, probably the woman who flipped out, wasn't doing their job by putting cones out to save the spot for the truck.So the designated spot had vehicles blocking the truck so it park facing our house. This so called shift manager, no manager is ever available when there's a problem, came outside and said to my wife "go back in the house and turn your tv up you whore". When I went into the store to confront this person she said to my wife"I'm right here want are you going to do about it." There's no way to contact anyone with authority as their website sucks just like the customer service.

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