watermelonlips / this school sucks

1 Jacksonville, FL, United States

Im going to school here and it sucks!!! they dont know what the h*ll there doing.They cant tell me when my next class is whaty the subject is and they dont care if you really know the information or not they just slide you bny to pass THE TEACHERS ARE A JOKE!!! they let the students do what ever they want to do in class cutt up act a fool because they themselves are fools so if you want to go to a school and piss around and graduate without truly learning anything this is THE SCHOOL FOR YOU know im too afaid there going to jack me out my loans (because there dirty like that) that im stuck here and forced to teach myself PARENTS BE WARNED UNLESS YOUR KIDS A SCREW UP AND WOULD NEVER GET THROUGH SCHOOL ON HIS OWN THEN U BETTER SEND YOUR KID HERE because they will pass them

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