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i worked for a company called watermatic and what i did was instal bottless water coolers for the company .when the company first took off 3 years ago i was the 2 tech they hired. after being there a year they hired a new manager for my department and the new guy didnt like me first time we met. i was fired for his personal reasons and i was out of work almost a year when they called me to back to work. new manager wasnt with the company anymore so was called back. when i left the job i was making 15.00 an hour and when i started with them again they said i had to start at 10.00 again cause i was on probation . i didnt understand why but i didnt say anything cause i was just happy to be working again.5 months pass boom they laid me off cause there was no work. out another 2 months they called me back . i said ill come back but i want my regular 15.00 an hour they said ok and that never happened. finally i sit down with boss ask for my 15.00 says cant do it . 2 months pass boss tells me i know your unhappy here so am firing you . he fired my just like that he said i know your not happy about getting the 15.00 an hour so i have to fire you . he said your a good tech but i cant have you here unhappy ..even tho i didn't get my 15.00 an hour i still did my work everyday yes i was pissed about it but i didn't say anything just kept it to myself. then i noticed that the work that was coming in was being given to an outside guy . i guess so i can get mad and quit but i didn't so they stepped up and fired me cause they said i was unhappy. now can they do that ? that wasn't fair at all you fired me cause you assume i was unhappy lol give me a break.

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  • Gl
      28th of Apr, 2010

    bro, it doesnt look like they just assumed you were unhappy, you said you were pissed. anyway, it dont matter, you can get fired for any reason the boss wants. did you have a contract?

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