Waterloo Costco Tire Change Servicecomplaint about waterloo costco tire change service at 10 am november 19, 2017

S Nov 23, 2017

Complaint about Waterloo COSTCO Tire Change Service

We have our new Chevrolet Volt tire change from full season to snow tires ordered through Costco Waterloo, Ontario recently - Chevy Volt winter tires installation at Costco at 10 AM November 19, 2017. When my wife, Sherry Guo, P. Eng., ordering the tire from Waterloo Costco, sent the rims to Waterloo Costco, and left the key to Waterloo Costco, with the cellphone number to Waterloo Costco, no one from the tire center has asked or reminded if any tire sensors needed. When we drove back the car back to Costco at the same day of tire change and asked why there are no tire pressure showing from the system screen panel, the tire service employee simply criticize / complain that you have not brought the TPMS sensors and bring back to them. Now if we are going to have the TPMS sensors installed extra charges will be put onto us.

There are four times from order the tires, bring the rims to tire center, left the key to Waterloo Costco and at the time of change the tires, there is no any asking, reminding or calls to her. The story shared with a friend Ted P in Guelph Costco with almost identical situation, the Guelph Costco tire service employee ask if he need the tire pressure sensor the his snow tire, price, availability multiple times.

Why the processes are so different from Guelph and Waterloo with a distance under one hour??

Shengyun Zhang

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