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Waterfall Clinic / SSRI and Government rules regarding treatment methods

1 North Bend, OR, United States
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Quit trying to shove suicide pills AKA SSRI/SNRI drugs on everyone who has anxiety and one of its associated symptoms; depression. Every time i went to waterfall I always had a different NP never had the same one. So everytime I had to explain my issues and every time they would claim Depression you need Paxil or Luvox, , , how about Prozac and if that doesn't work (which it did not) we can try cymbalta and then citalopram, well Effexor is sure to work... NOPE Im suprised i didnt pull a columbine because it says on the insert may cause suicide or homicidal thoughts especially in young people. It was always fun to have to wait a fukn month too just to find out it only made me feel fukn horible just like all the others. I decided to not depend on government dictated medicine, and paid the money to see a real PHD that knows how to evaluate mental health issues. Dr.Reagan is not cheap but neither is quality care. Its worth the quality of life I now have. He understands and actually listens to his patients. He utilizes cutting edge testing too. He discovered by taking a simple dna swab and sending to a lab that my Serotonin system is "broken" and that certain medications (esp. SSRI/SNRI drugs) I metabolize too fast for them to reach a therapeutic dose, ie work... Solution was to try Klonopin which I was surprised worked! I felt Normal again! and it started working within 30 minutes instead of 30 days. Waterfall why don't you do this for ppl who need relief from crippling anxiety ? do you want people to go buy opiates off the street because self medicating is there only alternative most of the time. Dr.Reagan also helps these people because guess what. hes not controlled by the almighty FEDERAL medical Gestapo

Jun 5, 2015

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