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Washington Mutual Home Loans / Getting charged for something that was not even my fault

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I am extremely upset and very disappointed that I am getting charged for something that was not even my fault to begin with and I keep getting the run around from everyone and getting told different stories from every representative I speak with. Do you not make notes on customers account when we call in or keep your word when you say you are going to do something.

On September 16, 2006 I called in to make a payment with a representative for $1,173.18, plus $15.00 fee and $50.00 to go towards escrow for a total of $1,238.18. When the representative was repeating the payment info to me, she left out the extra $50.00 and amount was only for $1,188.18 I reminded her of this and she told me to hold on she was going to change the amount to 1, Well apparently she forgot to cancel the 1st transaction and re-did the whole transaction again and didn’t pay attention or tell me.

A few days later I was checking my account and noticed that my account was overdrawn and I had 2 charges form Washington Mutual, one for $1,118.18 and another for $1,238.18. I called and spoke to your representative, Jennifer and explained what happened. I told her that I only authorized the payment for $1,238.18 so I was putting a stop payment on the charge for $1,188.18. As soon as I did that I called your company back and advised the representative of what I had done and I was told that the transaction would automatically run through twice and there was nothing anyone could do about that.
I also advised that because of the mistake your representative did my account was overdrawn and I had $180.00 in NSF charges plus $30.00 fee to put a stop payment on the un-authorized charge for a total of $210.00 charges to my account for your company’s mistake.

I was then told that I could fax all the info from my bank showing the charges and that I would get reimbursed that money.

I called on October 5th again and was told to call back on the 6th to make sure the research dept had received all the info. When I called on October 6th I was told the reimburse check for $210.00would be sent out on October 9th and she would request that it be sent by express / overnight delivery. On October 10th I called again and was told it had gone out on that day. So I waited for it all week and this weekend I received a letter stating my account was being reviewed.

I called today, October 16th, and the first representative I spoke with told me the same thing, that it got sent out already. Then he proceeded to tell me that my account was being charged $25.00 for a returned item. I could not believe it – a $25.00 charge for a returned item!!! I got another charge for your company’s mistake and even though I had called your company and notified you that I was going to put a stop payment on the un-authorized charge of $1,188.18. So I asked to speak with a supervisor, Roxanne Jones, and she told me my account was still under review until the end of the month. What is the delay? You have all the info you requested from me!

I am very frustrated at this point and all I want is this issue resolved immediately and quickly. It’s been 3 weeks and nothing has happened.

It didn’t take you 3 weeks to deduct that money from my account and I gave you the info you requested to resolve the mix up – so what is the problem for the delay.

In the mean time, I the customer, am stuck and have no choice, but to wait for someone there to get around to clear up my account and I am still out $210.00 in charges.

What does a customer have to do for to get someone’s attention and for everyone to stop passing the buck to another person?

I am going to take other measures if I don’t hear form someone ASAP that my situation has been resolved.


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