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Washington Mutual / Chase Visa / Cancelled VISA - bad customer service

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I recently received notification that Chase Bank was taking over my VISA account from Washington Mutual and raising my rate all the way up to 26.99% as of March 1, 2009, which is like a default rate. I cancelled the card since I have been a good customer and always been in good standing since I opened my account in 2006 (i.e., never been late and never missed a payment) and didn't understand why they would raise my rate to such a high percentage. I haven't used the card since before I cancelled it and was under the available balance when I closed the account. Their interest charge caused my account to go over-the-limit by $7.31 and they immediately charged me a $39.00 over-the-limit fee. When I called their customer service, they were rude to me and told me since I had closed the account, they weren't going to do anything for me (in other words, get lost! WaMu intends to rob me of every dime they can get out of me)! Like I already stated, I have never missed a payment or even been late with a payment and this is how they treated me! Beware of Chase or Washington Mutual! They have terrible customer service and they are thieves!!! And, to think that I was going to open a checking account with Washington Mutual. I'll never consider having another Washington Mutual (WaMu) or Chase account ever again!!! WASHINGTON MUTUAL (WaMu) AND CHASE HAVE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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  • N8
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I've only had one conversation since the change. I was attempting to stop or reverse a charge. I was passed around 3x. 1st person said it sounded like I needed to report what happened to Fraud for investigation. I was transfer'd to the 2nd person was short, rude, almost hostile as she transferred me saying I could make a complaint (big of her, ay). The 3rd person listened and said they would dispute the charge if I insisted (indeed I did) and interest wouldn't be charged til conclusion of investigation.
    This occured because a large charge was put on my VISA, by a company that claimed they couild get my bank to LOWER the INTEREST RATE on my credit card.
    1ST I was swindled, then treated as though I was being unreasonable by WaMu. Go figure!...

    Much like other complaints, I am ecperiencing bloody high interest rates, without justification - account is in good standing, no late payments, alwa ys on time... Yet still almost 30%.

  • Kr
      8th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree and can certainly sympathize with your complaint of WAMU/Chase's "Loan Shark Ways" of their financing of credit card accounts. There are too many people who seem to have the same comlaint as to where they should not be investigated for their credit practices and/or a class action law suit against their practices. Has anyone spoke to legal counsel as whether there can be anything done as far as class action?

  • Ro
      23rd of Apr, 2009
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    I had my wamu visa for years. Since chase took over its been down hill. Every month i paid my bill no problem until i foolishly listen 2 one of their bank teller and switch account. All my bills ended up not being paid, occurred late fee etc. I attempted 2 pay my visa card. I deposited the money in their atm, mind u cash, they didnt even honor the payment because my cash was pending. Wasn't aware of that since a free days had pass already. No courtsity call 2 say anything being that i had good credit with them. They use u and then just spit u out after they put themself in financial uproar. Take it out on the litle people. Mess up my good credit because their credit is mess up. They can keep there visa card and also there f--king bank i'm in the process of checking out a better bank 2 use. I think everybody should just opt out of there bank altogether.


  • Es
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    I never paid later to wamu, this mons wamu trasnfer my account to chase, and suport paid every day 10, and surprise when i go to to chase to pay the bill they said my is latte and charge 39.00 for late feed, they change my paid bill for ther every day 6 no previous notifications, i dont want chase card i no happy with this bank

  • El
      7th of May, 2009
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    Chase is not a good card to have.
    Their customer service is a joke. As long as they can get you to pay some of your dissagreement money they feel that that is good enough customer service. They wrote off a charge to my card that I had paid in full. Then, since I refused to pay the charge there were late fees and interest. They wrote off the initial charge but said I still owed for the late fees and interest. The initial charge was about $140.00, this is what they wrote off. The late fees and interest from the $140.00 is $151.99?? they wrote of the initial $140.00 but still wanted me to pay the $151.99 saying they were trying to work with me.
    I still refuse to pay any money to Chase and will never get a Chase card, home loan or any credit from Chase. I am paying off all credit cards and am going to use saving to buy what I need.
    Dave Ramsey rules!!

  • Pe
      20th of May, 2009
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    I have a mastercard with Wamu now Chase and had a zero balance. I charged something small and received the bill. I looked at the bill which is something I rarely do and noticed that my interest rate had gone up from 19.99% to 29.99%. I paid the balance off and attempted to call and ask why the increase. I had never been late, I had a zero balance when Chase bought Wamu out. The foreign people were rude and didn't know the answer and pretty much told me to close the account. That is exactly what I plan to do at the end of this month. Not only will I close the credit card but I am also closing my 2 checking accounts and my savings account. There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE at Chase. All the calls are outsourced unless you demand (and I mean you have to demand) to speak with a manager and then they transfer you to someone back in the good ole USA some a manager can tell you in Englis that you can understand that there is nothing they can do for you. This bank is the worst. Close all of your accounts with them and they will be forced to give customer service or their company will fold like all the rest.

  • Gl
      30th of May, 2009
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    I agree with the complainant. Chase customer service is terrible. I've had my WaMu card for years (since it was a Providian card!). I don't have late payments, and I don't carry large balances. First, Chase changed the payment due dates on both my and my husband's cards without any prior notice. They set it back over a week! So when I went to pay the bills for the month, they were already late, and Chase had collected their $39 apiece! The next month, every charge I tried to make, Chase declined because of "possible fraud." They called me, and I verified that all of the "suspicious" activity was indeed mine and there was no fraud. They said the card was OK to use again.

    That very evening, I tried to make a purchase, and it was again declined! I called to straighten it out, and the call center employee ("John" but obviously that was his "American name"—it seems that Chase outsources its customer service to a clearinghouse) told me they were missing vital personal information in their database. I "updated" my full name and birth date (um, this info. WAS in my profile when I was with Providian and then WaMu—did it disappear?).

    I asked what I needed to do to be able to use may card again. John said he had to ask me security questions based on my SSN (which he did NOT get from me); it was apparently already "in the system." He starts asking the multiple-choice questions based on the public record that we've all heard before—except none of these questions had to do with ME! Two questions in, I told John that these questions had nothing to do with me and asked him to verify they had my correct SSN, which he said he could not! I asked for a supervisor ("Liz") who told me I'd failed the security check (the questions) and thus my account was now locked under “fraud review” until a fraud specialist could determine that I wasn't an identity thief.

    I explained that perhaps, just perhaps, seeing as they had other info. missing/incorrect in my profile, that they had my SSN incorrect in the profile (maybe a sloppy data import from WaMu's database into Chase's?). I asked Liz to open my file and check my SSN to see if it was correct. She said she could not. Seriously?! She said, "You could be anyone who happens to know some info. about A----- H----- just saying the questions weren't about you. You failed the questions, so I can't verify you are who you say you are."

    Liz, you were missing my entire point that the QUESTIONS were perhaps based on flawed data (possible incorrect SSN in their system), and refusing to check the system because I had "failed" the questions (I said the questions weren't about me after I heard the second one—I did NOT answer them incorrectly) is the very definition of a Catch 22! All she could say was that the fraud specialist (read: ACTUAL Chase employee) would review my case and "get back to me" in "the next few days or so." Her demeanor was as if she was reading from a script and could care less. I suspect she'd have repeated the same phrases over and over even if I hung up the phone and left her speaking to silence. I told her to note my dissatisfaction in their system and to expedite my review (I am leaving the country on vacation, so I need access to my card!). Her response: "I'll note it." Thanks for the commitment to quality customer service there, Liz. I’m all for fraud protection, but my other credit card providers do just as good a job protecting my accounts with better (more “empowered” to check info. in the database!) service representatives while still managing to avoid the nonsensical, Catch 22, I-can’t-think-for-myself-so-I-just-repeat-my-script, frustrating customer “service.”

  • De
      18th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree. I have had a WaMu card since 2007 and it was recently taken over by Chase. I had an 9% interest rate on it from WaMu as part of a promotional balance transfer program they had at one time. Right after Chase took over they immediatly raised the rate to 19.99% and dropped my credit limit in half to about $50 about my balance, making my card look like it was almost maxed out. I hardly ever used the card, always pay on time and at least 2-3 time the minimum payment. My credit rating is the best it's been in years with no late payments on anything and low to no balances on any other account. They say that my current open accounts are all less than 24 months old - out of 10 accounts only 1 is less than 2 years old - and that I have not payed my creditors as promised and that is why they lowered my credit limit. When I look at my credit report it shows absolutely no late payments on any account going back as far as 10 years. They are making up excuses and ruining my credit I have been working hard to keep up!.

    Also they did all of this with out contacting me AT ALL.. It wasn't until I contacted them that they sent a letter. When I called I was told they had sent a letter the week before and I should have received it. Then they hung up on me. The letter I did receive was dated the same day I contacted them, it was a form letter, and on the very bottom of it was a code that had "Wamu" which leads me to believe they are targeting former WaMu customers. I can't get anyone on the phone there at all.

  • Sn
      21st of Jul, 2009
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    Providian to Washington Mutual to Chase to nothing. Account closed due to "information" on my credit report. Not suspended, but closed. Never a late payment, usually paid more than the minimum due. Accepted the outrageous finance charges, and only used the card when necessary. But as a consumer, I (we) have no protection. The government won't step in and help us like they did for financial institutions. My recommendation would be for everyone who is being scammed by the big boys at Chase to move their accounts somewhere else. When they have to start begging for their next billion, maybe they'll get a little taste of how it feels to be crapped on.

  • Ri
      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    I, like many others posting here these past few days, have fallen victim to Chase. I've had my account for years with WAMU. I have always paid early or on time and have always paid more than the minimum due. I received notice of an APR increase at the conversion from WAMU to Chase promising all the added benefits, etc. This month they changed my due date without notice and my normal payment that would have been early posted instead one day early. They declared this as "another" payment for my previous statement and you see two payments posted for one month, both way more than the minimum due. They socked me with a $39 late fee and then said that my APR was going default to 29.99%. I first emailed them about this and they said it was my fault for paying too early and to "check my card member agreement" as it clearly states this is my issue, not theirs for paying ONE day too early as my statement dropped the following day to count for that statement. I told them this was in error and to review my account history. They then responded and said they couldn't review anything because my account was closed. After several back and forth emails, I finally called last night and was read script after script with no one listening to the situation or caring. I spoke with a manager who also continued to tell me to check my credit report, which I have and just pulled a few weeks ago for my annual checkup on things. No negatives or anything as they claimed. She then refused to do anything for me and told me that it was my responsibility to manage my account and that it states once again in the cardmember agreement that payments that post prior to the statement drop date are credited on the prior month and regardless if they change things, it is my fault that I didn't catch this and there is nothing they can do, the late fee and the increased APR stays. She also indicated that I needed to check my credit report again and again. She refused to look at anything on my account and my history and just kept quoting me scripts over and over it appeared. She couldn't speak anything other than scripts. Made a great robot. If there is a suit, I want to know about it!! Now I have to get my balance transferred quickly to avoid the 29.99% APR that I'm stuck with for no reason. And hope that my credit isn't screwed up too.

  • Ri
      23rd of Jul, 2009
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    I was a wamu client now a chase customer. I always paid my accounts on time now they raised my rate then they canceled my account with out letting me know. I have automatic bill pay, all those bills will bounce because they canceled my account without letting me know. Who do I talk to file a complaint / sue for all these penalty fees I'm about to get?

    They gave me this address but I don't even think it's real when I asked to talk to a supervisor they hung up on me.

    Legal department
    three Christina center
    201 north walnut street wilmington delware.
    19801 usa.

    And it looks like I'm not the only one. This just started happening.

  • Ma
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    Like some of you I started with Providian, got transferred to Washington Mutual, and was recently transferred to Chase. However I received a notice last week telling me that due to information reported on my credit, they were closing my account. I have always paid more than was due and never made a late payment in the 10 years that I have had the account. Now my credit score has gone to ### since one of my oldest credit accounts has been closed. Wish something could be done….

  • He
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    This is the letter I wrote Chase today. The response that I got in email was no different than on the phone. "We value our customers'...BS!

    Dear Chase Customer Care,

    I opened my Chase Visa account approximately 10 years ago. In those 10 years, I used several of your "offers" to transfer credit cards that had a higher APR. In May of this year, I went over my credit limit by about $29.00 I believe. That over limit, voided out all of the previous offers and my APR went up to 11.99% on all transfers. Albeit I found that the overage of $29.00 was caused by finance charges, I took it as my own fault for not paying closer attention. Financially, I dealt with the increase but not before making some very difficult decisions for myself and my kids. With the worsening economy over the past few years and being a single Mother to 2 teenagers, the only possible way for me to not have to file bankruptcy was to sell our home. You see, I got into debt by myself but I took it upon myself to pay the creditors the money that I owed. I didn't file bankruptcy and I didn't get a loan counselor to get me out of debt. I put up for sale the home that myself and my children live in. I could have easily done either that I mentioned, but I wanted to pay the money I owed. Three weeks ago, I had an accident at my place of employment. Workers compensation doesn't begin to cover my monthly bills or mortgage. My house is under contract and we are closing on August 31st. Those bills that had to be put off for 1 month were all to be paid that day. Unfortunately, Chase couldn't cut me any slack. You raised my APR from 11.99% to 29.99%. That took my monthly payment from approximately $650.00 to approximately $1800.00. You received bail out money from the government, but when a customer needs help, you tell them to go screw. I would have made both payments owed within the month, even at the high interest rate. I begged to have the interest rate brought back down to 11.99% and all I got was "we sympathize with you, but we can't change it". Well, you can sympathize all you'd like, because now I will have no choice but to file bankruptcy. I'm not sure now that you'll ever get your money.

    You can bet though, being the internet blogger that I am, you will see many, many blogs about staying away from Chase credit cards, and exactly why to do that. I have no problem at all letting people know how you treat your customers.



  • Eu
      18th of Apr, 2010
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    Chase raised my interst rate to 29.99% and lowered my credit limit by about 20%. I can't believe the APR is this high, I don't know what to do. Should I just stop paying it? I owe about 4000.00 and am in college only working part time and just can't keep giving them free money. I feel like I'm never going to pay this stupid card off. What would happen (besides ruining my credit) if I just said screw you I'm not paying until I get caught up you greedy ###? They can't sue me or take me to jail. Sorry, I'm in my 20s and new to credit cards. Please help, I'm very fustrated.

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