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Washington Mutual, Chase / stealing money

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washington mutual has stonely over 800 dollars from my account as well as my sisters if anyone knows of who i can contact about this matter please let me know .. you can email me back at thanks. and to everyone out there please take this message seriously and dont open an acoount at washington mutual or chase.. they are theives..if you already have an account with them please check your statements carefully.. if anyone else has had this problem feel free to email me so we can all build up our complaints and stop the theft of this company.. we are not working hard for them to steal our money

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  • Mo
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    My name is Moses (678 315 8190). Considering the current Economic misery, my case may not be the worst, but may be the most unfair by these greedy AIG like institutions. This morning while i was checking my Chase credit card account, i found out i had just incurred fees totalling a whopping $160. I have a chase account and since WAMU was bought by Chase, i have two accounts with "them". The original Chase account is however closed but i still have a balance that i've been paying on - on time. On the former WAMU account, i had a balance of $913. Both accounts have been set up where by, i make payments through the same Wachovia checking account. About a week ago, i made $100 payment on each account, well over the minimum payment, the chase account payment went through while there was no update from the WAMU side. I kept checking and some 2-3 days later, the Payment was returned. I was not sure why because there was not alert/message or any fees explaining why the payment was returned. I had sufficient funds in my checking account needless to say, the Chase payment had gone through. I decided to make another payment attempt of $60 since my due date (3/18) was approaching. There was no alert or decline so i presumed everything worked out fine or so i thought. I checked my account this morning only to learn i was charged 4 times with a $39 fee (Approx. $160). Two of those fees were for payments being returned, one was for late fees and last one was for over limit charge. How convinient for them?

    I called Chase and the Account Supervisor was overlly dismissive. She thwarted my efforts of explaining there must have been a mix up since the merge as i had not had any payment issues with either Chase or WAMU. The WAMU account gave me the same payment options as that of the Chase account listing the last 4 digits of my checking account hence giving the impression, the funds will be derived from the same account. This was my first payment since WAMU was bought. I asked to talk to a Manager and she got very irate, brushed me off by almost shouting that she was the Account Spvsr. I insisted they eliminate the late fees and return fees as was an error brought about by the Merge considering the fact that my history proves i had been making prompt payments before this mess.
    I had a budget to significantly draw down the account balance for the WAMU card as the APR is opressing but with this kind of eternal debt tactics, it is almost impossible to get out of this debt. This is unfair to the average tax payer. I am eagerly awaiting for my tax returns so i can pay do away the slavery ties to Chase/WAMU. I researched on Chase/WAMU complaints and realized i am not alone. These are the same institutions asking for tax payer bail out funds but are so quick to slam the tax payer with unwarranted malicious fees to ensure you stay indebted forever. I went from a balance of $913 to $1085.00.

  • Mo
      8th of Apr, 2009
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    I had the same exact thimg happen to me when the Washington mutual/Chase merge happened. When I contacted Chase to remove the charges they refused! I too ask the rep. to look back at my payment history and see that not only did I never miss a payment, but I alsmost always pay my balance in full each month.
    Needless to say, I got stuck paying a $39 fee due to an error in Chases part. I have since paid the card in full and do not intend to use it again. I have also written a letter to the President of Chase. I urge you all to do the same. This kind of service isn't ethical!

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