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Washington Mutual Card Services / Interest Rate increased to 26.74%

1 Northridge, CA, United States

I am mortified that Washington Mutual Card Services has changed my interest rate to 26.74% on a mere $1500.00 balance and I beleive that this is robbery in a time of such economic crisis and holiday season and there should be laws prohibiting them from being shylocks under the guise of a banks name. I am the mother of 5 children and I cannot believe that banks can get away with such robbery/oppression. Where can I make a complaint that might do some good in getting situations like mine noticed? If the people do not speak up and if the government does not help, yes there will be a depression and that is because of unfairness like this.

Damage Resulting
as mentioned above I am the mother if 5 children and I work very hard to make ends meet. the 26.74% interest rate on a $1500.00 balance means that out of my minimum payment of $48.00 they are charging me $36.20 in interest. This makes it impossible to pay off and is forcing me to write a payoff out of my home equity line which I am deperately trying to pay off in light of the economic recession that we are in. It is painful and my kids will have less of a Christmas this year as I cannot afford any of this at this time and do not wish to lose my home trying to stay a float.

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