Washington Collection Agencywashington state drivers license restoration program

When I first learned about the Drivers License Restoration Program I was excited because my license had been suspended for unpaid tickets for a few years, so I immediately went and applied for the program.
I live in Kennewick Washington, and Washington Collectors in Pasco is the agency used to facilitate the program, they are the only collections agency I'm this area. They charged a fee for the application $ 175, and they set the payments according to my income supposedly. My payment was $90.00 for 9 tickets.
The first thing I noticed that didn't seem right was that there were only 5 tickets preventing me from getting my license according to the printout I got from the DMV so I asked them about it and they would not give me any answers. After doing some research on my own I found out that the other four should not be part of my payment because they were not holding me up from getting my license back, they were minor things like a broken tail light ect. I foumd out from a court clerk that I could write a letter to the presiding judge and ask him to pull those four tickets out of collection so that I could have one more chance to pay them without all the added interest by the collection agency, he agreed so I was left with 5.
I paid $90 a month for two years and 7 months and finally at the time I was making my payment I asked if I was getting close to having all my tickets paid off and they would not tell me. I insisted on seeing my file and still they did not want to show me. they even went so far as to threaten to throw me off the program for causing a scene in the office, I sat down and refused to leave until they showed me my balance. I was taken to a private room and shown my balance and out of almost 3 years of paying $90 a month my balance had increased, not decreased. I was astonished and when I asked how this could be the girl said because my payment didn't even cover the interest on my balance with them. I asked to see how much each ticket was and she was very reluctant to show me, again I said I was not going to leave without knowing and she showed me 5 tickets totaling $ 864 !!! I was outraged and asked how the interest on almost $900 could be preventing me from paying down this principal and she said it was not just the interest on the tickets but the interest on my whole account with Washington Collectors. I owed them for some Dr bills, an electric bill. and a credit card bill from years prior ! so I was paying all that time only interest for bills unrelated to my drivers license when my tickets totaled $864 !! These agencies are scamming people who can barely afford to make the payment to get their license back, people who are trying to do the right thing and not keep getting tickets for driving without a license, people that are easy targets because no one cares and they are trapped by needing their license to drive to work. I did not make one more payment to that place and I advise anyone who is applying for this rip off program to demand transparency, know exactly what your paying and where your payment is going. if possible try to ask the judge to pull the ticket from the agency collecting on it because they can and will. Don't get taken advantage of by these people who don't care how hard you work for that $90, they just want to put it in their pocket and keep you coming back ! I would have been on that program forever had I not asked questions and that is their goal. They aren't interested in helping you get back on track, all they want is free money by way of interest.

Dec 04, 2018

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