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Washer/Dryer unit / Inferior quality overall - many problems

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I'm copying the letter I sent to GE, after many phone conversations up through the pecking order and after many hours on hold.

Last January, I purchased a washer/dryer unit based on some Internet investigation and had read that GE applicances are in the top 10% approval. Ever since I have first received the unit, however, I have been disappointed.

There are several problems. On the purchase order, delivery and setup was paid for. When the unit arrived, "set up" was crossed out on the copy the deliverymen had. I was told that the GE delivery was only paid for one set-up, but that because the unit was a washer/dryer, they weren't paid for set up of both units. I argued, saying I'd paid for deliver AND setup. The men relented and attached the units. (After I had service on the unit, I understand that the delivery bolt was never removed from the underside of the washer. I also understand that if this bolt hadn’t been removed, over a period of time, the unit would have had a very shortened lifespan due to the washer not operating properly. How much damage has been done?)

I didn't use the units often in the first few months because I was away a lot, however there have been several things that have popped up as problems.
1) The washer doesn’t include any sort of an automatic turn-off when a load is unbalanced. The washer “walked” around the garage when there was an unbalance d load. I had a very hard time putting the unit back in place by myself. This hasn’t happened since the bolt was removed.
2) The dryer is built with a panel in the door where the air and lint are fed into and then down through the filter screen. When the dryer door is opened, lint flies all over. If a light load follows a dark load, dark lint is all over the light clothes and vice versa. It is impossible to clean the filter well enough to stop this without using a vacuum on the door after every load
3) During most every load, the veins inside the dryer catch towels, washcloths or underwear, squeezing them and causing them to go around and around, preventing them from getting dry and wrinkling them..
4) After thinking I purchased a “GE” appliance, I find out that the appliance is probably a Frigidare with a GE label. I was not told this when I purchased the unit. I was told just the other day when the serviceman was replacing the timer.
5) The timer on the washer was defective and was replaced by the technician after I fussed with it for quite a while. .

The technician has been here three times and has replaced the timer and removed the delivery bolt preventing further damage. However, my other concerns are because of intrinsic problems – poor design.

I have been in touch with your service department and they have offered me 55% of my original purchase price toward other washer/dryer. This is unacceptable based on the history of the unit as well as the poor design. I will accept 100% trade-in and buy up to a separate washer and dryer.

I don’t like wearing linty clothes. I feel that this unit is less than quality. I think I have been very patient with this problem. Is there anything you can do?

Lynn Meador

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