warranty insurance / false and high pressure

1 TN, United States
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This company is out to get you for whatever they can get. I told the man at least 25 times that I have just rexntly became where I can't work anymore because of health problems. He kept on and on and told me that I needed the extar coverage. I told him that I had NO income coming in and to cancel the policy. I could not afford it. Then he said he would change the date on the policy and then after 30 min. I gave in. I said ok. But then I got worse and finally got it canceled after another 30 min. on the phone with the high pressure.
They explained that I would have to write a letter with the reason and all the information. He did say that it would be refunded but it would take up to 30 days. But guess what they took out the money for this month on a date I did not agree too and now here I sat waiting again, ovedrawn. This company needs to get a life... and not prey on people who say NO to begin with.
I did report them to BBB.


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