Warning: Laowai Career Center aka Gi2C China Job & Internship Scam / Rotten apple china job & internship agency

1 Beijing Hangzhou, CN
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Plain and simple these guys are professional con artists that change their name every two years or when they get exposed online as a scam. They offer golden AAA jobs and then after you pay and get to China you are switched to a BS job you never applied for that pays about half of the job they promised you. But their contract and terms and services keep changing and the fine print always wins! Don't believe anything they tell you verbally and keep your money. What they do for you can be done by yourself a lot better and for free!

According to they have operated under the following names in the past and all of these fake companies victimized foreigners who could not afford to stay in China long enough to prosecute the thieves: Getin2China, Gi2C, Olympic Escort Service, WiseWay Global Education.

Do not believe the many fake testimonials and reviews that they pay people to do for them. They offered me a $500 if I agreed to make a video for them before our dispute took place. I am not the only one unsatisfied with their services, but they have a guy named Igor who is an IT and SEO wizard who works full -time to delete complaints online. Here is some of what is still posted but they will be gone soon I am sure:

You have been warned. Learn from my mistake and gullibility.

Warning: Laowai Career Center aka Gi2C China Job & Internship Scam

Mar 13, 2017

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