SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / ordering DVDS on-line

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I recently ordered the collectors addition for the Harry Potter series for a Christmas Present for someone. On December 14th i received the sound track bonus CD in the mail. When the Set did not show up on December the 18 i called the customer service and was told that thee set was delivered by UPS on December 18th, and the status was packeg left at front door.
When I informed to Customer Service Rep. that i would have to wait ten day for them to file a trace with UPS.
I informed them that that was not good enough that this was a Christmas gift. I was told that they were sorry but that was there policies.
It was not my fault that the parcel service they chose did not deliver my packeg, I was the one being penalized.
tow date i have never received a refund.
I did order the same set from the same night that i complained to WB and it was delivered three days later.

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