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walmmart / prejudice against disabled

1 sangani blvdDIberville, MS, United States

I am disabled and have hardly any strength in my left side. I asked the greeter if she could help me get a motorized cart, She told me they no loger had them. I told hr that I knew they still have them, This cart guy backs her story so I asked for a manager. She comes out there and tells me that they have carts, but they were all being used. I ask her if the grocery side had any. She said she didn't know and walked away. I was so upset I turned around and hobbled back out to my car. I called the head manager about how I was treated and hee seemed so unconcerned. I asked him to give me the names of the guys and he laughed and said no. I got upset and told him I would talk to a lawyer thank you. He hung up on me. I swore I would never go back, but about two months later I had no choice but to go their. This time I get a guy who was more interested in young girls than helping a disabled woman. I finally got a motorized cart and did some shopping. When I came through the foyer to go outside he scream real loud for me not to take the cart out. I was sooooooooooo humiliated! I turned around and told him that the Ocean Springs store lets me take them out and I have me or my son bring it back. He matter-of-fact told me that I needed to go over there then. I was so appalled at his cocky attitude that I was about to explode. oh, and he stood there and made me put all my groceries in a buggy with no help from him. I was so humiliated I cried the rest of the night.

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