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Walmart Optical / will never ever purchase eyeglasses from the walmart optical

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I purchased a pair of glasses from the Walmart Optical in Pasadena, TX back in June...only 9 months ago! The glasses just completely broke in two pieces. I was just told when I took them back that they no longer carry that frame and I would have to purchase new glasses. I paid over $300 dollars for those glasses with insurance! She told me that I had better insurance coverage this year and that they would pay more for the new glasses. Even so I really don't have the money for that. She then told me maybe I could take them and have them soldered for about $20. I have worn glasses for 35 years and never in my life have I had glasses that only lasted 9 months and then to be told basically too bad so sad...I should have at least received some type of compensation. Those expensive lenses (bifocals) that I purchased are no longer good. I am highly upset and will never ever purchase eyeglasses from the walmart optical and everyone I know is gonna hear my story.

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  • Cb
      9th of Apr, 2010
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    I also had a problem with them I bought a pair of glasses and I was suppoesd to pick them up a week later and i went back they werent ready and they said my frames where no longer in stock so i had to get measured for another (more expensive pair) and wait another week and after 2 weeks i finally got my glasses.

  • Ss
      30th of Nov, 2010
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    I work for a WalMart in Nevada. I am a State Licensed Optician and the Vision center manager. I am sorry to hear that they told you that you need to purchase a new frame. What they should have done is offer you another frame up to the same value as the frame you had previously purchased. WalMart does offer a free 1yr no fault warranty. I consider that to be bad business and now I am sure you will not be returning there. By the way, Texas is not a Licensed state so my guess is that you may have gotten a "Mctician" who just doesn't care about performing real customer service. My fellow WalMart employees I am ashamed of you!!!

  • Sh
      9th of Mar, 2011
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    I went into Walmart to see their optician for my examine. Bought new glass with lens to the tune of $300 for the frames/lens and $95 for the exam. Went to pick them up a week later, and could not see (everything blurry, and No, I wasn't under the influence of anything). The customer service person, Robin, said that I would need to get used to them for a couple of days. I returned after 3 days, and said that everything was still blurry. She checked my old glasses from SEARS, and then checked my new ones from Walmart. The prescription for the left eye had dropped by .50 % and the right eye by .75% by the Walmart optician. No wonder I couldn't see!!! Now, I have to wait to see the optician AGAIN, taking time off from work AGAIN, to have my prescription corrected, and have the new lens put into the frames (which means another week of waiting). I will definitely travel the distance to go to SEARS or elsewhere next time.

  • Be
      23rd of Apr, 2011
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    I could write an angry book on my experience with the Walmart Vision Center. I will make a long story and frustrating day very short. They tried to force me to keep a faulty frame that they could not get to sit straight on my face. They tried to get me to accept inferior workmanship in the lenses of my new glasses in which I could not see clearly at a distance or through the bifocal from the get go and they tried to tell me that all polarized lenses caused things to look odd indoors, because mine were reflecting light in that room in a very odd sort of way, even though when I tried on other glasses with polorized lenses and that occurance was absent. They told me "my eyes would adjust, so just take them home and try them. It can take time." Wrong, glasses should correct ones vision from the get go, or something is very wrong. They were pushy in trying to get me to buy things I did not want, they were pushy in trying to get me to keep these inferior quality glasses and they were so pushy, they offered a very, very deep discount rather than just say they must have done the lenses wrong, let us compare this with your prescription. I left finally with a refund, but not until after they wore me to absolute tears where I simply had to walk away. I will never patronize this store again and after reading on other sites about WVC elsewhere, I will never patronize another Walmart Vision Center. By the way, their good deals are anything but a good deal. They are tricks to put high pressure, buy this which nobody else wants at a tremendously hight price and get that free. Also, when I went to pick up my new glasses, that distorted frame that I paid full price for, was a freebee with a purchase of lenses that day. Guess the frame didn't fit other's faces either. Now what is wrong with this picture?

  • Jo
      2nd of Aug, 2013
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    I have been seeing this eye doctor, Walmart Vision Center, for 2 years (Mt. Olive, NJ). This doctor told me i have astigmatism in one of my eyes. Recently i went back for an eye exam because i was having symptoms of headaches & blurry vision. Doctor said i needed a stronger prescription. Picked up my new glasses, still had the same symptoms with my new pair of glasses. Went back to see the doctor of my problems. His response was "Its all in my head. I no longer have astigmatism & the glasses corrected the problem." That same day, I went to a different eye doctor who told me: 1). I now have astigmatism in both eyes; 2). Glasses will not correct astigmatism, it would just get worse. Of course when I went back to Walmart Vision to confront him, the doctor said "Then go see this other doctor." I am also an Emergency Medical Technician in a very busy 911 system. The sad part is that my salary is pitiful compare to this eye doctor's salary & I know for damn sure that my patients had received the best possible care that I could give them. I and many others trusted this doctor to take care of our eyes and failed. YET he has no qualms about taking our hard earned money!

  • Ju
      27th of Jun, 2015
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