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Walmart / overcharged

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It never fails...almost every time I leave Walmart Store, I tell myself how much I Hate Walmart. People shop there, because they think they have a lower price...but when you check out, it NEVER fails that one or two items are more than the listed price. So, that's one way to get off the customers. It might only be 0.50 per item, but when you count all the customers on a daily base, it really adds up. I AM FEED UP with Walmart!! This does not happen when I shop at Kroger Store.

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  • Dl
      18th of Jul, 2009
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    Are you feed up or fed

  • Fu
      12th of Dec, 2009
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    I am curious as to why you don't make them wait( and yes you can) until you have everything up on the checkout before they start. Then you can watch as they scan things through, (it will show u right on the credit card machine) If something is more than advertised for just call their attention to it. If you don't have time for this, to actually make them wait a minute and then watch the credit card machine as they scan well then pay your .50 and be done with it.

  • Pr
      14th of Dec, 2009
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    I think if you were checking the prices on the selves before you just picked them up and threw them in the cart that you would see you're not getting ripped off. Sometimes the items are in the wrong spot and sometimes the associates in that department have yet to take down a sale sticker after the sale is up. Anytime I shop I always make sure that the item I'm wanting matches the little tag underneath it on the shelf. When you get to the check out and you see an item is not what you thought it was you can get a price check. If the store is a little busy expect it to take a couple of minutes, but if it were really that big of a deal to you I think you would be patient enough to wait. Wal-mart certainly can't please everybody.

  • Bc
      10th of Jun, 2010
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    Unfortunately, this happens to me every single time I shop at Walmart. There will be several items which ring up at a higher price than what is on the shelf label (and yes, I verify the label with the product before I take it). I normally use the self-checkout register so that I can monitor the prices more easily. I then have to get the SCO Cashier to come over and make the correction.

    One time, I had a product that was $1.97; however, it rang up at $1.98. I had 3 of these items. I had to get the SCO Cashier to correct the price - I even showed her the sign with the price, as it was on an end-cap clearly visible from where we were located. She laughed and told me "that's only 1¢"! I told her "Yes, but that's 3 items so it's 3¢, and that's MY 3¢, not Walmart's." (Yes, 3¢ is not much, but when everyone purchasing this is charge the same extra 1¢, then that takes more money out of our pockets and puts it into Walmart's pocket.) If this was the only time this happened, then I would not have worried about it; but this happens all of the time.

    Sometimes I have also had them doubt my claim of the price. I then request they get a Price Check - and after waiting a bit, they ultimately come back with the price I told them, and I get the items for that price. (However, I did have one time where they came back with a different price. I did NOT buy the item, because I knew the price was marked for what I told them. After paying for my other items, I went back to the shelf and found the sign had been changed; the associate in the dept knew what I was looking for and told me that she requested the sign be changed!!!)

    I also have had instances where the Cashier refused to get a Price Check verification; they just tell me "that's the price it is on the register, so I can't do anything about it." In those cases, I make them VOID the item and I do NOT BUY IT. This results in lost Sales for Walmart!

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