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In April 2008, I bought top of the line battery for security and had to wait several hours for installation.
Less than a month, battery failed and I had to jump start it. I again had to wait at Walmart for several hours and was told a cell had failed and the battery was bad. Less than a month later I again had a battery problem and was again told there was a bad cell. I asked for a refund and was told no. Within a few weeks, I again had problems starting the vehicle.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in St Louis, MO When I brought it in to Walmart, I was told it was a loose connection…but Walmart had installed the battery!! Now in July 2009, almost less than a year later, I again had problems starting my car. After a jump start, I was leary of driving the distance to Walmart AGAIN, and went to AutoZone where they tested the battery and showed me how the test machine showed it was BAD. I called Walmart and was told that if I brought it back in, they would give me a new battery…but with how many good cells? Walmart batteries SUCK! Beware…..a top of the line MAXX-75N battery….and you can’t trust it. I’m done….AUTOZONE is my HERO!

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  • Lc
      Oct 25, 2016

    Same thing happened to me in Clinton, ms. Was reading 11.7 one battery, the other read 11.9, told me they would have to be charged, 1 hour forty five mins. later the printout showed 350 cca on one and 425 cca on the other, these were 950 cca batteries, they still would not replace them, my daughter took them back next morning showed the manager the printouts he gave her 2 new batteries, 100 miles wasted,

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