WallyParkAssaulted at their location by an employee

I was assaulted at their location by an employee, who not only yelled racial slurs, but was not fired until I returned to pick up my car so that the individual would know why he was fired.

An employee, while yelling at me for simply trying to park with a reservation to park, called me ‘boy’ in a racially motivated way last Sunday, and then needed to be shuttled into the back room by other employees as he continued to be hostile and racist. I was the parker your employee attacked. Apparently the company has it on video but would not share it with me because it proves they handled this improperly and put me in physical danger, in addition to feeling like the bad guy.

I scheduled parking spot on their website just before I left my house on Sunday and had the confirmation in my email but had it buried on my phone. When I arrived at the location, the valet was already in a bad mood. He asked me if I had a reservation, and I said yes. He asked me to prove it and told me there were no spots left, he crossed his arms and put his elbows on the valet stand. I told him I would bring up my reservation and asked if he would get his manager for me. He said his manager was not there. I asked if there was anyone other than him I could talk to, the highest ranking person on site. He said no. I pulled up my reservation on my phone and showed it to him, told him to scan it. He started yelling for me to get my phone away from him and he started walking to the back room, clearly not parking my car or filling out my paperwork – which he had not started at all. I followed him into the main room, he was going behind the counter, and he was yelling at me that ‘he was a grown man and did not need to be treated this way’. I did nothing but tried to park my car and question him to why he was being difficult with me because I had a reservation. It was at this point that he called me ‘boy’ in a racial way. I asked him if he actually called me boy and why he was being racist in this situation. All I was trying to do was park my car.

The other staff members shuffled him in back, and took me to accept my car. I was very frustrated and emotional at this point. I was also racing to catch a flight, now worried that my car was even safe at that location. I gave the girl who checked me in my cell number because I wanted to speak to the location manager, and I wanted him to call me. I received NO call.

When I returned on that Wednesday – 4 full days after the incident – and I called to get on the shuttle, I asked if the manager was there. I told the girl who answered the phone that I was the parker who had a racial experience last time, she happened to be the person who checked me in. She said the manager was there, along with the corporate HR person, and they would like to speak to me when I got to the location. When I arrived and got off the shuttle bus, the first person I saw as I walked into the location was the valet who assaulted me that previous Sunday in his work clothes, and sitting on the couch. He was making small-talk with one of the other workers and I heard him say something like ‘well, this is my last day, I am going to be fired now that this guy is here.’ I just kept walking and went into the room Where you check in (my bill was already paid as my online reservation included a credit card). I walked up to the counter where the employee was that I spoke to was sitting, she said the manager and the HR person would be right with me if I could just have a seat. I sat there for more than 10 minutes, literally. They knew I was coming, the shuttle bus took at least 5 minutes from my call and I still sat for 10 minutes.

When they finally came to get me, and walked into the back room, I felt assaulted again. They sat me down and asked me what happened. I relayed my story to them, and asked them if they had watched the video – which they say they had. I sat in the back room feeling like I was called into the principal’s office. They apologized to me and told me that it was his last day and they were letting him go right after they spoke to me. Seriously, they waited so that the guy not only knew me, who was the person that got him fired, but he also had time to research where I lived and what my phone number was, and could even follow me out of the parking lot?

WallyPark put me in danger, and did NOTHING except apologize for their employee. They cited ‘protocol’ for not firing him sooner, and they kept him there and made him available when I arrived back at the station so he could see me again and I could face the person that assaulted me once again. Do Not Park There if you value more than just your car.

Apr 19, 2016

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