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I spent about 20 years of my life in retail, I will have to say in all honesty
i have never seen such a disorganized dept in all the years i spent managing retail sales. To clairify what I am saying I dropped off a
preiscription today about 3pm and was told it woul be ready at 4:30pm
I went to pick it up about 6:pm and was told it was not ready, this was
after standing in line for about 30 min. behind 13 other people waiting
for their prescriptions. And to make the matter worst the cashiier-the one-
cashier could not tell me when it would be ready.I had our prescriptions
changed about 2 years ago for this very reason, my wife really likes to go
to your store however it does seem that something could be done to
improve the flow and customer service.

jim morgan

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  • Ja
      5th of Feb, 2010

    i concur with you're complaint we moved to the pembroke area 06/09, and i as well have over 48yrs customer service/retail back ground, and when i say walmart has the worst customer service, i have ever encountered.this is due to poor management in the store i find my self wishing i was able to work again, as i am disabled, i would beg walmart on hands and knees to hire me just to have the oportunity to show them how their stores are drug counter should except customers in line with a buggy full of grocery, when sick people are waiting for a prescription they needed an hour ago**the cashiers are allowed to carry on personal conversations with one another while ringing up a customers order, and i had to make a comment to one such cashier, and she looked at me as if i was foriegn to her actions, and i advised her, to her thoughts, i was, as i am not accustomed to such habits.walmarts banks on one theory, IF WE SELL IT THEY WILL COME, i dont think so!

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