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Purchased a Panasonic Camcorder thru Amazon.coom and Wall Street Photo was the vendor. Received the camera on July 17th, it would not work, it was defective. I contacted Wall Street Photo and they said to return it. I did and never heard back from them. I had to contact them 3 weeks later and asked for the status. They never answered me, so I had to contact Amazon and ask for my refund. Amazon stated that Wall Street said this camera was not bought from them and they were going to return it to me. They never returned the camera and Amazon will not do anything about it either - so much for Amazon's A-Z guarantee. Wall Street Photo are a bunch of crooks, read their reviews, they don't stand behind their product and sell a lot of defective junk. I strongly urge everyone to NOT buy from this vendor as they do not stand behind anything that they sell to you.

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      Aug 05, 2011

    The customer, Mr. Sooji Crockett, committed a classic fraud by purchasing a new product and trying to return a similar defective one. As a company that that tries to keep our prices low, it is imperative that we prevent and discover such frauds for the benefit of our customers. We therefore note all product serial numbers before shipment. This return had a mismatching serial number.

    As known to many online shoppers, in a dispute with merchants, Amazon usually sides with the customer, unless the evidence is overwhelmingly against him/her. It is therefore very telling, that the customer admits that Amazon denied this claim.

    We strongly urge anyone wishing to do business with this person to reconsider.

    Chris Young,
    Customer Relations Executive,
    Wall Street Photo

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