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Waldorf Dodge / Incomplete Work

1 Waldorf, MD, United States

I took my car in to the service department on Saturday afternoon because the rear driver side window would not go up. After banging on the door a little, the service tech decided to take it into service to try and diagnose the problem. After about an hour, I was told that it may be the motor, but I would have to leave it. I asked if I could get my personal items from the car, to which he asked the technician to escort me to the car. As we were walking to the car, the technician was explaining what he had done and arrival to the car, he showed me where he had removed the rear wind switch and testing power to the switch. He stated that he had power to the switch and I believe he said the regulator, I’m not sure, but he stated to me that he believed the problem to be the motor but would be sure until he did some further testing. On Monday afternoon, I was called by the service department to tell me that they were trying to clear codes that were in storage to which I stated that this was not important and that I needed the window fixed. I was then told that the technician would start on it first thing Tuesday morning. I was called late Tuesday morning and was told by the service tech that my they had replaced the motor and the window went partially up and then stopped. I was then told that from the lambo door conversion, the wires in the wiring harness on the front door was causing the problem and had to be repaired. I asked several times how he came to this conclusion for which he stated "just by looking at them". He stated that the wiring would have to be repaired and suggested that I repair the other side as well. I told him never mind, just put the car back together and I would come and get it. When I arrived, I was told by the technician that my paper work was at the cashier's desk. I asked to speak with the service manager before paying. After speaking with the service manager and him telling me that the wiring harness connections that had been done, were not done properly and that I will have to get this fixed. He stated that he could have the technicians there fix it, but it would be costly to me, or I could take it back to the lambo door installers and have them install it. Figuring I was getting no where with him, I paid the $105 fee and went to my car. When I opened the door, I noticed that the wiring harness was uncovered and several wires were disconnected. I then tried all the window switches to find out that the passenger rear window was not working. I returned to the service department and asked for the manager. He had already gone at which time I asked for the general manager. A service technician had apparently called the service manager on the phone and I would assume explained what was wrong, but when I took the phone, the manager asked what the problem was for which I told him that he needed to see what the wiring looked like. I can't remember what his response was, but it was something to the affect that the wires were like that underneath the wiring cover and tape and that it was nothing he could do. A short time later, the sales manager and spoke with me and after explaining my concerns, he stated he spoke with the service manager and basically said the same thing. He then stated that if I would leave the car for a third night, he would talk with the service technician that worked on the car to find out exactly what he did and that he would call me around 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday. The service manager left a message at 11:10 a.m. to return his call. After returning his car, he reiterated that the wiring was in that condition and that the best he could do is re-tape the wiring and maybe jump the window motor to get the window up. I reiterated to him that the wiring was not in that condition and that with the other window not working, this should prove that the wiring were not disconnected when I arrived. I then asked for the complex manager to which he stated that he was not here on Wednesday, but I could talk to anyone I wanted, even Chrysler and it would not change anything. I hanged the phone up at that point.

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