Wal-tek / bad owner / bad attitude

1 20804 N 20th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 623-587-4611

bad owner, bad attitude, curse at employees.
when machinists do bad parts like every machinists
mostly do. The owner curse & shout at his employees
like a mad dog. Nobody responded because they all
afraid to get fired. I get my voice up in a good gentle
way. he knew i was against him, but he did not find
any good way to fire me. I am happy that i don't work for this company any more. I'm more relief now. My chest drops & i feel better. Believe me this owner like to bully his employees to make his employees feel bad. This is the type of guy i don't respect. Don't get fool that he celerbrate everyone's birthdays that means he is a nice guy. It's a cover up of what he is. If he is really good person, he should be yelling & cursing at his employees at all. It's not a nice place to work. I wish i could have some of his pictures on my phone at the time he was shouting at his employees so i can show them to you.
But i don't work there any more. i give you something
to prepare before you go there so you can get well prepared. Believe it or not.

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