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Wal - Mart Wii Console / Employees mismanagement!

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This morning we went to Walmart with our "ticket" (to receive our Wii console)we were issued last night by a store manager only to find out it was VOID! Apparently when we went to Walmart last night at 8:00 ready to camp out for our Wii, the manager on duty decided to hand out the tickets for the morning instead of making us wait in line until 12 midnight.

Between the time we received our ticket and this morning the ticket was considered void and other received our Wii that was promised to us. The woman who was running the desk in the morning said the people that came at 12midnight got tickets that were ok and the people there at 3am were able to actually purchase the Wii. Leaving 3 sets still to be sold at 8:30 (not a second before according to her). The ones that were given the invalid tickets last night would be put on a waiting list, with priority when the next shipment arrives. NO guaranty as to when that will be though. I am so tired of the games that Walmart is playing on its consumers. Why are we suffering because of the mismanagement of their own employees!

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  • Da
      30th of Mar, 2007
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    About a week ago, I went to the Harrisburg, Illinois Walmart to buy so Roundup To do the weeds around my house. I am a regular costumer at that store and enjoy the clerks and some of the management personnel that works there. I started to buy this product at your store when I saw the price. tonight, I went 25 miles away to Home Depot and bought the same product for half the price that Walmart was welling for. I went back to the store and tried to tell the idiot that you have working there as an assistant manager ( the male with the bad tan) what I did. And that I was trying to help them by giving them my sales slip for the same product that was bining sold at Waltmart for $42.00 and that the price of this same product at Home Depot which was 21.00. The assistant manager tried to insult my intelligence by saying," We don't do comp to stores that are over 25 miles away" I then informed this idiot that the next town is only 23 miles away and that that is a poor excuse for the price that your stores are selling this item for. The female that was with him was very nice and understood what I was saying. This guy started making stupid comments such as " you would not go to Wisconsin to comparative shop for prices. You have to draw the line some where." I looked at him and Yes I got mad. Because he had just tried to insult my intelligence with this comment. We may look like we are all stupid in this little town, but some of us are just as educated as he is pretending to be. Instead of just saying something like "hey thanks man I will talk to our Diustroct manager about this, or I am glad you brought this to our attention", He asked me "what do you want us to do for you? do you a favor?" I was really mad at this point, and I told this idiot" I am doing you a favor by allowing you to keep my receipt so that you can talk to you boss about this. ( Of course I was so irate with this idiot that wore the tag of assistant manager that I used some colorful words. But that was only after he insulted my intelligence by making the stupid comments that he made towards me) Please talk to this ### or demote him and put someone that is more sensitive to the needs of the community regardless of age, color or sex in our store. This guy is an embarrassment to your company and has no real people skills at all. Thank you for reading my comments.

  • Te
      15th of Dec, 2007
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    I purchase a Wii , in Walmart web page and i received 3 envelopes ups next day 2 envelopes containing 1 Mario tape on each , and another envelope containing a gift card. I purchase a Wii , console and i got a gift card.

    I paid for a Wii console , and was advertised as AVAIABLE, NEXT DAY DELIVERY, I GOT A GIFT CARD.I cant believed, that was Walmart. I plan to make a protest.

  • Mr
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    To whom this may concern:

    This afternoon I went to the Walmart store in Rumford, Maine to purchase a hunting & fishing licence for my husband as a Christmas present, as I have done for the past 6 years. In the past, the gentleman working at the sporting department had always been very helpful, he would look up my husbands past licence for the number and fill out the new one, I do not bring in the old one, as I wanted the gift to be a surprise. Today, however, the person working there was very rude. He would not go back and look up the past licence number ( there was no one else shopping in that department, and I told him the exact time of the previous purchase, as I know that they are filed by the month). I told him that I wanted to speak to the manager. The manager came down and told the employee to look up the past licence record. It took the employee less then 5 minutes to locate it, but he refused to let me purchase the license because I had told him to fill the new one out with my husbands middle initial, where as the old one did not have one. The employee actually questioned the fact as to weather or not this was in fact the same person. The store manager stood by and never said a word. We live in a very small town, I can say with 100% certainty that there is only one person with my husbands name living at our address, previous or the current one.
    I left the store very upset, as I will not have another opportunity to purchase this particular gift until after the holidays. You can be sure that it will not be at this store. I also would like you to be aware of the fact that I left my purchases, which totaled over $300.00. The local sporting goods store was very appreciative of my patronage, as was the grocery store. In the future I am sure that K-mart will also!


    Mrs. Victoria Clark
    Rumford, Maine

    P.S. I'm usually not one to complain, but this has not been the first time that my Walmart experience has been unsatisfactory!

  • Aa
      1st of Sep, 2008
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    I actually used to work at the Wal-Mart close to my place. It was an okay job, but sometimes, there would be days where not just myself, but fellow co-workers who would gossip about certain customers and their bosses and just basically anything like that. I'm a Christian and I could only take so much of that crap. I got so fed up with the gossip that I quit. And like Mrs. Clark said, I'm not usually one to complain, but there were days that really ticked me off. Now, whenever I go back there, people just don't seem to care. They act like I'm just another customer. Which is partly another reason why I don't shop there that often.

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